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Inside Dentistry
July 2016
Volume 12, Issue 7

Fluoride-Releasing Bioactive Giomer Restorative Materials

Developed by Shofu, Giomer is a collective term for bioactive materials that incorporate the company’s proprietary surface prereacted glass (S-PRG) technology. S-PRG fillers are obtained by reacting multifunctional fluoroboroaluminosilicate glass filler with polyacrylic acid in the presence of water. The resultant trilaminar structure forms a stable glass-ionomer phase that allows for continuous release and recharge of fluoride and other beneficial ions (sodium, strontium, aluminum, silicate, and boron) while protecting the glass core from water sorption and degradation.


Key Features of Giomer Materials

• Has sustained release and recharge of fluoride when treated with fluoridated products (ie toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.)
• Decreases acid production of cariogenic bacteria
• Neutralizes acid on contact
• Demonstrates anti-plaque attributes

Giomer materials combine the biological effectiveness of glass ionomers (release and recharge of fluoride and other beneficial ions, along with the ability to inhibit plaque growth and neutralize acid) with superior physical, mechanical, and esthetic properties intrinsic to nanohybrid materials. Giomers have also been clinically proven to be biologically effective in a series of long-term clinical trials. An 8-year clinical research study1 published in The Journal of the American Dental Association in 2007 recorded 100% retention rate with intact esthetics, no secondary caries, failures, or postoperative sensitivity. Furthermore, a 13-year recall study2 presented at the International Association for Dental Research 2013 poster session demonstrated no secondary caries in 96% of restorations, with a high, 66% overall retention rate. Shofu has successfully incorporated Giomer technology into a versatile line of products, featuring nanohybrid composites (packable, injectable, flowable, bulks), cements, adhesive systems, sealant, and light-cured varnish.

Beautifil II— Fluoride-Releasing Nanohybrid Composite

Approved for all classes of restoration, Beautifil II is a universal nanohybrid composite designed to deliver brilliant esthetics in long-lasting restorations. The S-PRG particles present in Beautifil II are responsible for high levels of fluoride release and recharge, making this material an excellent choice for patients with a high caries index. Key characteristics of Beautifil II highlight:

• superb handling optimized for non-sticky consistency.
• the ability to facilitate fast and easy finishing and polishing with long-lasting surface shine.
• outstanding chameleon-effect shade stability.
• high levels of radiopacity and natural fluorescence.

Beautifil Flow Plus— Fluoride-Releasing Injectable Nanohybrid Composite

The S-PRG fillers have also been incorporated into Beautifil Flow Plus, an all-in-one base, liner, and final restorative approved for all classes of restorations. Combining the ease of delivery unique to an injectable with the strength, durability, and esthetics specific to a nanohybrid, this universal material is available in two viscosities—both with identical physical properties. The highly viscous F00 “Zero Flow” formulation allows for precise placement and stacking, while the F03 “Low Flow” viscosity handles more like a base and liner, allowing for just enough movement to comfortably manipulate the material. Both viscosities demonstrate self-leveling attributes that successfully aid in achieving highly esthetic finishing and polishing with fewer intermediary steps. The product’s features and benefits accentuate:

• compressive strength and low wear similar to those of nanohybrid composites.
• exceptional self-leveling and bubble-free consistency.
• high radiopacity that permits effective viewing of treated areas.
• sustained fluoride release and recharge properties.
• resistance to bacterial colonization.

Beautifil-Bulk Flowable and Beautifil-Bulk Restorative— Fluoride-Releasing Nanohybrid Bulk Composites

Beautifil-Bulk Flowable and Beautifil-Bulk Restorative are Shofu’s Giomer bulk materials. They effectively integrate clinical benefits of S-PRG technology proven to prevent secondary caries formation with a fast and easy bulk-fill system that fully polymerizes at 4 mm depth of cure. Unique chameleon-like optical properties of the bulk materials help achieve a balance between light dispersion and transmission to match the opacity of surrounding teeth. Available in ergonomic syringes and tips, universal and dentin shades, Beautifil-Bulk Flowable and Restorative deliver brilliant esthetics in a fast and convenient bulk-like manner.

Beautifil-Bulk Flowable

Ideal as base and liner in classes I and II
• Exceptional handling and self-leveling for optimal adaptation to any cavity floor
• High level of radiopacity
• Continuous fluoride release and recharge for effective neutralization of bacteria

Beautifil-Bulk Restorative

• Suitable for all posterior restorations
• Optimal translucency for esthetic shade reproduction
• Outstanding condensability and sculptability to create durable and visually-appealing results
• Inclusive of beneficial ions (fluoride, sodium, strontium, aluminum, silicate, and boron) to reinforce acid resistance and anti-plaque attributes


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3. Honda T, Saku S, Yamamot K. Study on the film layer product from S-PRG filler. Japanese Journal of Conservative Dentistry. 2004;47(3):391-402.

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