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Inside Dentistry
July 2015
Volume 11, Issue 7


From its inception in 1922, Shofu has been changing modern dentistry by delivering innovative, smart solutions that enhance dental practices around the world. Inclusive of a proprietary biomimetic nanotechnology called Giomer, Shofu’s product line is versatile with flowables, resin cements, bulk-fill materials, bonding agents, sealants, and desensitizers. A 13-year clinical examination of a Giomer-filled restorative system published recently in the Journal of the American Dental Association validated a high retention rate and flawless esthetics with no secondary caries for restorations completed with Giomer materials.1

Giomer Technology

Figure 1 | Developed by Shofu, Giomers are a unique class of bioactive restorative materials based on PRG technology, in which pre-reacted glass ionomers are used as fillers. Coated with six beneficial ions, fluoride, sodium, strontium, aluminum, silicate and borate, this ion arrangement allows for the protection of the glass core from moisture, acid, and plaque build-up. This gives Giomer-based materials long-term esthetics and the durability of a traditional composite resin as well as the fluoride release and recharge similar to a glass ionomer.

· Excellent fluoride release and recharge capabilities

· Rapid acid neutralizatiaon and anti-plaque effect

· Decreased reduction in tooth mineral solubility

· Superior physical properties and esthetics

Beautifil® II

Figure 2 | Approved for all classes of restoration, Beautifil II is a universal nano-hybrid composite designed to deliver brilliant esthetics and long-lasting restorations. High levels of fluoride release and sustainable recharge make it an excellent choice for patients with a high-caries index.

· Superb handling optimized for a non-sticky consistency

· Fast and easy polishing and a long-lasting surface shine

· Outstanding chameleon-effect shade stability and reproduction

· Exceptional level of radiopacity and natural fluorescence

· High retention rate validated in a 13-year recall examination

Beautifil Flow Plus®

Figure 3 | Beautifil Flow Plus is a one-stop-shop restorative solution: a base, liner, and final restorative. It combines the ease of delivery intrinsic to a flowable with the strength, durability, and esthetics of a hybrid composite. Available in two viscosities: zero-flow for precision stacking and low flow for traditional flowability.

· Compressive strength and low wear

· Exceptional self-leveling and bubble-free consistency

· High radiopacity

·Sustained fluoride release and recharge capabilities

· Unique anti-plaque abilities and bacterial resistance

Beautifil-Bulk Flowable & Beautifil-Bulk Restorative

Figure 4 | Beautifil-Bulk Flowable and Beautifil-Bulk Restorative incorporate the bioactive benefits of Giomer with a fast and easy bulk-fill delivery system fully polymerized at 4 mm depth of cure. Unique light-diffusion properties create an optimal balance of light dispersion and transmission to match the opacity of surrounding tooth structure. Available in ergonomic syringes and tips, and in universal (translucent) and dentin (opaque) shades.

Beautifil-Bulk Flowable

· Ideal as a base/liner in Class I and IIposterior restorations

· Exceptional handling and self-leveling

· High flexural strength for beautiful, long-lasting esthetics

· Continuous fluoride release anad recharge to neutralize acid production of cariogenic bacteria

Beautifil-Bulk Restorative

For generations, Shofu has delivered solutions to dental professionals that consistently exceed their expectations in quality, service, and value.

· Excellent choice for posterior restorations, including occlusal surfaces

· Optimal translucency for esthetic shades

· Outstanding condensability and sculptability

· High levels of beneficial ions create high acid resistance and anti-plaque abilities



1. Gordan VV, Blaser PK, Watson RE, et al. A clinical evaluation of a giomer restorative system containing surface prereacted glass ionomer filler: results from a 13-year recall examination. J Am Dent Assoc. 2014;145(10):1036-1043.

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