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BEAUTIFIL® Bulk Flowable by Shofu

BEAUTIFIL® Bulk Flowable


BEAUTIFIL Bulk Flowable incorporates the unique, bioactive benefits of Giomer, a surface pre-reacted glass filler backed by 13 years of clinical success*, within a fast and easy bulk fill composite. Designed to overcome the challenges and short comings of current bulk fill products with great aesthetics, low polymerization stress and a unique self leveling feature to reduce the occurrence of voids.

The varied Giomer filler size in Beautifil Bulk Flowable allows a dense distribution within the resin composite and a high filler load to reduce polymerization shrinkage stress while increasing compressive and flexural strength. Low shrinkage stress results reduce postoperative sensitivity and marginal gap formations. Giomer technology contains ideal light diffusion and transmission properties to ensure full polymerization at 4mm depth of cure.

Beautifil Bulk Flowable provides continuous fluoride release and rechargability making it ideal for high caries patients. Indicated as a base in Class I and II direct restorations, a liner under direct restorative materials, and restorations of small posterior cavities (including occlusal restorations).

Beautifil Bulk Flowable is available in a 2.4gm syringe in shades universal and dentin. Full suggested retail pricing is $37.45.

*Gordan, V. et al, ed. IADR General Session. Seattle, Washington State Convention Center. March 23 2013. Clinical Evaluation of a Giomer Restorative System: Thirteen-Year Recall. Poster Session.

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