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Mach-2® & Mach-Slo™ by Parkell, Inc.

Mach-2® & Mach-Slo™

Parkell, Inc.

Mach-2 Die Silicone gives you superb working dies in just minutes – for indirect composite inlays, chairside denture repairs, and fast resin veneers or temporaries. Mach-2 silicone is hard, but also slightly flexible. Due to this flexibility, composite inlays release easily. Mach-2 flows better than stone, so it creates a smoother die. It’s also more durable – it won’t chip, abrade or crack. You can trim the Mach-2 die using a common razor blade or Bard Parker. There’s no need for burs and no dust to clean up. Mach-2 sets to an opaque, highly reflective color. When you direct your curing light at an inlay’s occlusal surface, the transmitted light bounces off the prep walls and floor to promote polymerization from all directions. NOTE: If you are a fan of heat tempering to create the best possible physical properties, you can pop the composite restoration into a toaster oven at 250°F/121°C for 10 minutes while they’re still sitting on the dies. Because it’s formulated using polyvinyl siloxane chemistry, Mach-2 bonds to virtually any vinyl impression material. Mach-2 sets on the bench in about 2 minutes, but in the mouth it begins setting almost immediately. Mach-SLO™ is designed for those who prefer a little more working time. It is exactly like Mach-2, only with a slightly slower set- about 90 seconds, making it an excellent choice for intraoral use or for making complex models.

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