Inside Dentistry
May 2016
Volume 12, Issue 5

Inside My Practice with Bob Margeas

RelyX™ Unicem 2 Self-Adhesive Resin Cement


Figure 1 | With RelyX Unicem 2, you don’t need to etch and you don’t need a separate primer. It’s an all-in-one. I use it mainly when I’m doing an all-ceramic crown, such as lithium disilicate that has a lot of retention, or when I’m using a post.

Unicem 2 is very strong and it eliminates all the steps of etching, priming, bonding, and cement. It’s probably one of the most widely used cements in the world, but I don’t use it for zirconia, PFMs, or gold because it’s a little bit more difficult to clean up if you’re not careful. This cement is easy to use, but it’s technique-sensitive for cleaning up because if you light-cure it too long or spot-cure it, you have to work fast, as it’s difficult to remove any excess. It’s an excellent self-adhesive cement, provides great retention, and has very little, if any, sensitivity.

RelyX Unicem 2 is my go-to cement for a self-etching, self-adhesive resin cement.

Mach 2® Die-Silicone


Figure 2 | Mach 2 Die-Silicone is a product that I’ve used for several years. Initially, I was using it to make a model when doing indirect composite inlays. You can only use this product with an alginate or a polyether impression material because it’s a silicone, and it will not stick to alginate or polyether but will to a PVS material.

Originally, instead of making an impression and sending it to a lab, I would inject the Mach 2 into the polyether and I would have a model in about 2 minutes. I would inject a base of Blu-Mousse® on the bottom of it so it would not be too brittle, giving me a die that I could fabricate a restoration on. Now, if I have an alginate impression and I need a model very fast, I make the impression, inject the Mach 2 die material, and within 2 minutes, I have a model.

Available in slow set and regular set, both setting times are fast, but the regular set gives you a little bit more time to work with the material.

These are just a few uses of the material. Mach 2 expedites the process and it’s very convenient to use.

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