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NeoDiamond® by Microcopy



Microcopy’s NeoDiamond® diamond bur’s exclusive Triton™ bonding exposes 20% more diamond cutting surface, enhancing cutting efficiency, lowering heat build-up and cutting smoother with less clogging. Each stage of NeoDiamond is manufactured to the highest standards to produce a high quality economical diamond bur.

NeoDiamond’s XactFit™ Shank is Swiss-made from heat-treated stainless steel. It has the strictest tolerances on shank diameter in the industry to ensure a secure fit in your hand piece. (shank = 1.597 mm +.001, -.005) Each bur is individually packaged and sterilized for utmost safety and convenience. A large selection of shapes and grits are available. There is no extra charge for a large selection of super coarse. All shapes are color coded for Quick Grit ID.

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