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Special Issues
July/August 2019
Volume 40, Issue 1

Bioactive Composite Used to Effectively Treat Carious White-Spot Lesion

Ron Kaminer, DDS

Areas of enamel demineralization, commonly termed "white-spot lesions," are frequently caused by a build-up of bacterial plaque. They often are a drawback of fixed orthodontic appliances and may appear within a month after placement. The presence of orthodontic appliances makes oral hygiene maintenance challenging, with hard-to-reach tooth surfaces often being especially problematic. This can lead to an increased likelihood of caries development that may be at risk for cavitation. Although Class V caries is commonly encountered in a restorative dental practice, predictable placement of a Class V restoration can be difficult. A significant challenge is the contraction of composite after light-curing, which can cause microleakage and staining, leading to cariogenic bacteria, postoperative sensitivity, and secondary caries. Another obstacle dentists face is choosing the optimal material for high-risk caries patients; ideally, it should be easy to work with and capable of handling the high flexure of the tooth surface area, yet still be esthetically pleasing. This case demonstrates the use of Beautifil Flow Plus® X (Shofu,, a bioactive restorative material that releases and recharges beneficial ions to help protect restorations that are susceptible to recurrent caries and restorative failure.

Key Takeaways

Sustainable caries prevention-Beautifil Flow Plus X contains Giomer technology, which releases and recharges six ions, including fluoride, that are beneficial for high-caries patients. Featuring high flexural strength and patented 400-nm S-PRG filler particles, this material provides sustainable caries prevention, inhibits plaque formation, and minimizes postoperative hypersensitivity.

High esthetics-Nano S-PRG fillers facilitate ease of handling and extreme polishability, offering a sustainable, long-lasting luster for highly esthetic results.

Flowable hybrid bioactive restorative-Available in two viscosities, zero flow (F00) and low flow (F03), Beautifil Flow Plus X is ideal for an assortment of restorative procedures, reducing chairtime, increasing productivity, and positively influencing the oral environment.

About the Author

Ron Kaminer, DDS
Private Practice,
Hewlett and Oceanside, New York

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