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Identica Blue by Medit

Identica Blue


Medit USA’s Identica Blue structured light scanner delivers superior data quality with improved measurements across the entire object. Blue light provides the optimal wavelength for scanning various dental materials used in both laboratories and dental offices.

The Identica Blue structured light scanner has an open platform, bringing maximum user convenience without influence from surrounding lighting conditions and provides for the use of articulators previously impossible with totally closed scanners. The Blue light scanning structured light is able to scan gypsum models, implants, and impressions all at a speed unrivaled by other scanners in the industry while providing greater accuracy and precision.

IMV (Intelligent Multi View) scanning technology ensures the acquisition of high quality impression scan data, making work more cost-effective and productive. Any area that was hard to scan is now easily accessible due to Identica Blue’s capability of digitizing both positive and negative geometries. Pencil markings on the actual stone model can now be visualized on the 3D model easily identifying margin lines and other markings.

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