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Inside Dental Technology
July 2016
Volume 7, Issue 7

Medit’s Latest Software Update Makes Scanning Simpler, Easier, Faster

Medit’s Identica Hybrid scanner has drawn overwhelmingly positive feedback for its speed, accuracy, ease of use, and broad range of capabilities. One more notable feature: It keeps getting better.

The latest update to the Identica Software v.2.0, which also can be used for the Identica Blue and Identica Light scanners, includes a number of small improvements that contribute to the overall goal of perfecting the scanning process.

“We listened to our customers,” says Glenn Kennedy, Vice President Business Development, Americas, for Medit. “We said, ‘Here’s what they said they loved about the scanner, and here’s what they said would be nice to improve in the software—reduce the number of clicks, make it easier, and add some new functionalities.”

The Medit team considered feedback from its customers and dealers around the world. Many of the improvements are simple. For example, in some instances, instead of checking a box and clicking “Next,” users now can just check the box. The goal is to reduce clicks, speed up the workflow, and make it easier for anyone to learn and use the product.

Another improvement is an expanded set of instructions on the screen. New users or people have not used a particular function in some time do not need to read the manual or look up information online in many cases now.

New features, such as an orthodontics function, have been added to the software in anticipation of potential updates to third-party CAD software. According to Medit, the scanner software is ready for any new design modules that exocad develops.

The improved software complements a scanner that already has impressed users. The Identica Hybrid’s impression scanning capabilities, in particular, have drawn very positive reviews.

“People are thrilled that it truly does do a great job with impression scanning,” Kennedy says. “Some scanners advertise that capability but are not great for impressions. This scanner really was optimized for that, with a 3-axis arm.”

Now, the scanner has gotten even better with the new software update.

“The emphasis has definitely been on customer feedback, and that has worked,” he says.

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