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Inside Dental Technology
November 2017
Volume 8, Issue 11

Growth, Innovation, and Customer Value

Medit scanners increase efficiency without sacrificing quality

Ever since its launch in 2000, Medit has been on a mission to revolutionize scanning for dental and industrial clients. The solutions-based company of engineers and designers saw a problem—slow and expensive 3D scanning in the dental industry—and decided to work on bringing down the price of 3D dental scanners while also boosting their quality. Their highly creative engineers and product designers are passionate about building efficiencies into the scanning process to lessen the time it takes to produce scanned material and thus heighten the ability for laboratories to profit from their improved workflow.

While designing and developing their own scanner technology over the past 17 years, Medit has been able to build on that technology to achieve the highest quality and value on the market. Beginning with its line of Identica scanners, they brought better quality to model and impression scanning. Medit’s new Identica T-series offers even quicker scanning that allows dental clinics to produce superior scans in less time.

Medit’s growth skyrocketed in 2016 when they released the Identica Hybrid scanner. After its success, Medit built on that technology to develop the Identica T300 and T500 scanners. These model scanners each represent further innovations toward speed, data efficiency, and accuracy for dental and laboratory clients. The T300 operates quickly while also coming to market at a reasonable price for entry-level users. The T500 offers even greater image quality, via a high-resolution camera, and advanced data processing to make the time spent between initial scanning and final product as short as possible.

The markets responded even more enthusiastically to the Identica T300 and T500 than they had to the Identica Hybrid. Sales for these models are high and continue to increase month after month. Medit’s next-generation scan software, colLab 2017, has made the scanning workflow as efficient as possible by providing Identica T300 and T500 customers with new ways to both scan and optimize the resulting data.

As a company, Medit is thrilled to have been able to create a suite of scanners that resolves their customers’ pain points regarding speed, quality, and data efficiency. Following its mission to innovate for the customers’ benefit, Medit has dedicated the past several years to its soon-to-be-released high-performing intraoral scanner, the i500. The company’s new product lineup is developed to perfect customer usability and experience and has—true to Medit’s style—value for the customer at its heart. Together with the future version of colLab, the i500 will be fully adjustable to each customer’s needs.

With its creative team of engineers and designers, Medit has only begun to realize its potential for new product development and innovation. Each new product release pushes toward greater effectiveness, building on the successes of prior products and integrating the ideas that developers discover while talking to customers and exploring their needs. With Medit, you can count on a track record of innovation and success. Their team looks forward to a future of exciting inventions in the scanning space. Scanning can only get faster and more efficient from here.

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