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Inside Dental Technology
October 2016
Volume 7, Issue 10

Faster, More Accommodating Scanner Helps Both Quality and Bottom Line

Identica Hybrid and exocad software are difference makers in high-production laboratory

By Anthony Smithwick

We have approximately 281 employees and almost 25 CAD stations at Oral Arts Dental Laboratories, so upgrading our scanners and software was a daunting task. When we were approached about all the benefits of Medit’s Identica Hybrid scanner and exocad DentalCAD software, we decided to purchase just one to start.

We were sold on the speed of the Identica Hybrid, as well as its ability to support the scanning of full-size articulators, impressions, and multiple dies. Additionally, it is an open system, so while we are integrating exocad into our workflow we can still utilize our old CAD software as well. The exocad software, meanwhile, has improved functionality and reduced annual fees.

Once the Identica Hybrid scanner arrived, we started experimenting with it to see how it compared with the scanners we already had, and the results were superb. Now, we are pushing as many production cases through it as possible and we plan to purchase more Identica Hybrids in the future.

The speed is very helpful for a high-production laboratory such as ours, but just as important is the open design. With our other scanners, we need to dissemble the articulators to fit them in the machine, and we lose some of the accuracy as a result. The Identica Hybrid eliminates the need to modify the models for scanning. We can see exactly what is occurring during the scanning process, so we feel very confident in the scan.

There is a learning curve associated with the exocad software, but it is worth it because we can accomplish everything that we could with our other software, and more. The glitches that some other software programs have are not present with exocad, so we can focus entirely on the work.

One thing that surprised us was the Identica Hybrid’s impression scanning capabilities. We have had scanners previously that claimed to scan impressions, but the quality was poor. The Identica Hybrid captures more data because its design minimizes the physical limitations regarding the angles it can scan. The scans are also extremely clear without needing contrast spray; the blue light seems to make a difference with that.

We purchased the scanner and software through DAL DT Technologies, and we have been pleased with the partnership. Every time we have needed to call for support, they have been quick to help.

We would tell anyone considering purchasing a new scanner to consider the benefits of a smooth production process that is not interrupted by glitches in the software or dissembling articulators.

The lack of annual fees is helpful as well. As the laboratory market becomes more competitive, we can preserve our profit margins with a more cost-efficient CAD/CAM system.

Overall, the benefits of our new scanner and software have been mind-blowing, and we look forward to acquiring more to help our laboratory’s quality and bottom line.

Disclaimer: The statements and opinions contained in the preceding material are not of the editors, publisher, or the Editorial Board of Inside Dental Technology.

About the Author

Anthony Smithwick
Digital Crown and Bridge Supervisor
Oral Arts Dental Laboratories
Huntsville, Alabama

Key Takeaways

• Speed of scanner and glitch-free software increases production efficiency
• Open design of scanner accommodates entire articulator, leading to better accuracy
• Strong technical support from DAL DT Technologies
• Lack of annual fees helps laboratory’s bottom line

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