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Tetric EvoFlow® by Ivoclar Vivadent® Inc.

Tetric EvoFlow®

Ivoclar Vivadent® Inc.

Ivoclar Vivadent has made its Tetric EvoFlow® flowable composite even better, improving the material by introducing additional shades and new translucencies, adding an extra fine application tip, and improving the delivery with a more ergonomic design. Tetric EvoFlow is indicated for all flowable indications. The viscosity is “flowable when desired and stable as required”, meaning it can be used effectively as a liner, but is also non-slumping in Class III and Class V restorations. Ivoclar Vivadent has also expanded Tetric EvoFlow’s shade range, offering three levels of translucency. The dentin shades (A2 Dentin, A3.5 Dentin, and B2 Dentin) are ideal when there is a need to mask slight discoloration in posterior preparations. The Cannula tips have been redesigned, decreasing the diameter to an extra-fine .9mm, providing more precise placement.

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