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TempoCem® by DMG America


DMG America

TempoCem® by DMG America is a reliable, customized temporary adhesion system for all types of provisionals and is available in three formulas. Original TempoCem has a zinc oxide/eugenol formula that works as an analgesic, TempoCem NE is our non-eugenol formula and TempoCem Soft, which sets to a softer end hardness for easier removal. The presence of eugenol provides a "sedative" effect on the pulp. TempoCem temporary cement is used for cementing a provisional restoration during the period between the tooth preparation and seating of the final crown. It is resistant to saliva, therefore increasing stability. It resists forces of mastication and securely retains the restoration for greater patient comfort, yet is also flexible under the crown for easy removal of the temporary. TempoCem’s easy flow permits precise and easy placement of both cement and temporary and creates less waste in the cement tip, which makes it more economical. It is biocompatible while protecting the gingival tissue and has a 300+% radiopacity, making it visible on an x-ray.

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