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Luxatemp® Solar by DMG America

Luxatemp® Solar

DMG America

Luxatemp Automix Solar is a high quality automix bisacryl provisional crown and bridge material dentists love, in a new and improved light-cure formula. Luxatemp Automix Solar starts out rubbery and flexible for ease of use, and then light cures on command to form strong, abrasion-resistant provisionals. It provides unlimited working time when sculpting temporary crowns and bridges outside the mouth ... and then light cures in seconds. It 's extended working time, easy automix dispensing system , and high-strength makes Luxatemp Solar the ideal choice for long-span temporary bridges.

Features and Benefits

"Cure-on-demand" light cure
• Provides an extended working time.
• Adds extra speed, flexibility and convenience to the process.
• Immediate final hardness.

Easy removal of temporary during elastic phase
• Make the material easier to use and sculpt.

Quick, easy-to-use AutoMix Plus System
• 76gm cartridge provides 30% more material FREE.
• Saves time - no time-consuming hand mixing or reloading syringes.
• Saves money - no need for mixing pads, spatulas, application syringes.
• Eliminates waste with self-sealing Mixing Tips and Cartridges.

Specially designed Mixing Tips provide an exact 10:1 base/catalyst ratio
a thorough mix every time
• Predictable, consistent mix minimizes porous surfaces, thereby reducing staining
• Color stability
• No air bubbles from incomplete mixing; eliminates voids trapping food & plaque

Does not contain liquid monomers
• Great patient acceptance: neutral taste; total absence of odor; no stinging of gingiva

Material is strong, abrasion resistant and hard
• Produces durable and long-lasting provisionals.
• High hardness prevents wearing down and perforations, eliminating the risk of saliva,
bacteria and thermal irritants reaching the tooth.

Low shrinkage during polymerization (.45% linear)
• Provides extremely accurate provisional with excellent marginal adaptation.
• Eliminates need to re-marginate.
• Provisional is easily removable.

Minimal heat production during polymerization-(same as body temperature)
• Allows practitioner to fabricate provisional directly in the patient’s mouth with no heat damage to pulp or tissue.
• Eliminates need to remove and replace multiple times during polymerization.

Excellent polishing properties
• Produces superior esthetics.
• Available in an A2 (Universal) shade.
• Can also be finished with a glazing agent to create a porcelain-like finish. 

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