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DentaPure® Catridges by Crosstex

DentaPure® Catridges


DentaPure® is the most effective and reliable dental unit waterline treatment available. Each DentaPure cartridge contains environmentally-safe and effective ingredients that substantially reduce harmful bacteria exposure to both patients and dental office staff. Originally developed for space to provide astronauts clean, safe water free of bacteria, viruses and other harmful organisms, DentaPure scientists have found a simple solution to bring DentaPure’s advanced technology into the dental office.  

Packaged in convenient easy-to-use cartridges, the advanced DentaPure water purifying system eliminates the need for complicated installation procedures. Available for both public and private water systems, all DentaPure water treatment cartridges are EPA-registered, antimicrobial water treatment systems that effectively treat dental unit waterlines continuously from the very first day of installation for the entire long-lasting lifecycle of the cartridge.    

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