Inside Dentistry
February 2015
Volume 11, Issue 2

Advanced Dental Unit Waterline Treatment

One DentaPure® cartridge provides complete continuous treatment for a year

Research has demonstrated that microbial counts can reach 200,000 CFU/mL or more within 5 days after installation of new dental unit waterlines. These counts occur because dental unit waterlines promote bacterial growth and biofilm. The recommendations set forth by the CDC state that the number of bacteria in the water used for nonsurgical procedures should be as low as reasonably achievable and no higher than 500 CFU/mL, whereas the American Dental Association recommends 200 CFU/mL. However, implementing protocols to become compliant can be complicated, confusing, and time consuming. Depending on the protocols that are put in place, maintaining dental unit waterlines can also prove to be costly.

DentaPure cartridges, available for municipal and bottle systems, provide advanced water treatment technology originally developed for NASA. The technology developed for space had several requirements: easy to replace, difficult to break, provide drinking water with less than 1 CFU/mL, and be completely reliable. The scientists developed a microbial check valve with no moving parts that kills bacteria on contact and inhibits the growth of biofilm. The scientists at DentaPure adapted that microbial check valve technology into a cost-effective way to treat the water in the dental unit. This simple-to-use cartridge is a complete system, contains no moving parts, kills bacteria on contact, and requires minimal human interaction. Easy to install, the DentaPure B series is designed to attach to the pick-up tube in the independent water supply bottle and the M series is designed for installation on the municipal unit waterline at the junction box.

Inside the DentaPure cartridge are iodinated resin beads. As water flows through the cartridge, it pulls elemental iodine (I2) from the resin into the water stream. The iodine interacts with bacteria in the waterlines, killing on contact. This simple system is FDA and EPA cleared to provide water under 200 CFU/mL with no testing required.

DentaPure treats dental unit waterlines from the first day of installation for the life of the cartridge, reducing harmful bacteria exposure to patients and staff.


• Technology developed for space(it truly is rocket science)

• Eliminates the need for complicated, costly protocols

• Safe and reliable to use

• Simple to use and easy to install

• Meets CDC and ADA standards for dental unit waterlines


“We have been using DentaPure in my practice for over a year and have been thrilled with the product. It has made our daily setup more efficient and we know we are providing the safest environment for our patients.”

John Flucke, DDS
Private Practice
Lee’s Summit, Missouri



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