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Blue Sky Plan® by Blue Sky Bio

Blue Sky Plan®

Blue Sky Bio

Blue Sky Plan®, Blue Sky Bio's treatment planning software, is currently available in 7 languages and can be downloaded free of charge in most countries throughout the world directly from the Blue Sky Bio website. The software allows users to treatment plan for Computer Guided Surgery with all implant systems and almost all Computer Guided Surgical Kits. The Blue Sky Plan software is self processing and is packed with important and useful tools. Surgical Templates can be manufactured by authorized local laboratories, simplifying the process flow and making Surgical Templates more accessible. Using Blue Sky Plan, new and innovative techniques are being implemented to continually streamline the Computer Guided process and improve the accuracy of Computer Guided Surgery. Surgical Templates can be fabricated using a dual scan technique or by optically scanning the patient's model and thereby increasing accuracy and removing the need for a patient to wear a scan appliance at the time of CT/CBCT scan. Blue Sky Bio offers free training and support via one-on-one training sessions, phone support, online video training tutorials, live and recorded webinars and a Help manual integrated into the software. A one hour one-on-one training session is sufficient for most practitioners to feel comfortable using the software and to get started with Computer Guided Surgery.

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