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NOMAD® Pro 2 Handheld X-ray System by NOMAD

NOMAD® Pro 2 Handheld X-ray System


The NOMAD® Pro 2 Handheld X-ray System by Aribex has revolutionized the way dental X-rays are taken. The operator no longer must hide behind a wall, but can stay chairside with the patient, making it ideal for wiggly children and anxious or special needs patients. Most users find they can take x-rays in half the time as with wall-mounted systems, and with fewer retakes.

One NOMAD can take the place of three to four wall-mounted systems, and can be used with digital sensors, phosphor plates, or traditional film. The lightweight battery-powered design permits dentists to use the device outside the office, allowing them to treat patients that previously would not have had access to such care. This game-changing device features new infrared technology which  improves product durability and battery reliability.

NOMAD innovative internal shielding has always protected the operator from radiation leakage. NOMAD’s unique backscatter shield also protects the user from radiation reflected off of the patient. NOMAD Pro 2 – Stay with the patient. Move to the future.

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