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Inside Dentistry
June 2018
Volume 14, Issue 6

Portable, Safe Radiography Improves Efficiency

Christopher Hoffpauir, DDS, owner of Winning Smiles Family Dentistry in Alvin, Texas, on the NOMAD Pro 2™

1. Workflow freedom: offers advantages to reliability and efficiency that are unattainable with wall-mounted units. 2. Safety first: a unique, lead-infused acrylic shield protects the operator from direct radiation, and a proprietary internal housing encases the x-ray tube to block radiation leakage. 3. Powerful portability: move freely between operatories and take hundreds of x-ray images on one charge.

How does the NOMAD Pro 2 add to your efficiency? The portability makes it easier to set up and capture intra-surgical radiographs to verify the position of implants.

How does this differ from a wall-mounted unit? There is much less disruption when working around the patient to take a digital image.

How do your patients benefit from the NOMAD Pro 2? I can assure them that this instrument is safe and designed to block radiation leakage.

My dental practice has a strong focus on implants. I've worked diligently to become extremely efficient in all aspects of this service, especially the surgical phase. When it comes to adding efficiency to my office, the NOMAD Pro 2 truly shines. My assistant can easily maneuver around the patient, the instrument trays, and the myriad of other equipment to quickly take a digital image. Because its portability allows it to be used in multiple treatment rooms, it was less expensive to get one NOMAD Pro 2 than two wall units and two pass-through cabinets. The NOMAD Pro 2 just makes sense for the way I practice.

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