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Inside Dentistry
October 2023
Volume 19, Issue 10

A Precise EAL Attachment Site Revolutionizes Hand Files

Moji Bagheri, DMD, on the AccuFile™ K-File

I have been practicing dentistry for 14 years now, 11 of which have been dedicated to endodontics. After graduating from the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine, I practiced for 3 years as a general dentist in New York before doing a 2-year specialty training program in endodontics at Rutgers University in New Jersey. In 2017, I became board certified by the American Board of Endodontics. Having lived on the East Coast for many years, I now consider myself to be bi-coastal. My family originally settled in California when I first came to the United States at just five years old-a few years after the 1979 revolution in Iran-and that is where I now practice.

Through my practice of endodontics, I realized that the current endodontic hand files lacked precision when it came to length determination and control. To address these shortcomings, I began developing the first prototypes of the AccuFile back in 2018. Believe it or not, the development began on my kitchen table with some tools to shape the wire and determine the handle design. After an extensive search and some testing, I was able to manufacture the file and have been using it ever since.

AccuFile K-Files have the potential to replace regular hand files because they work the same and feel the same but provide better accuracy. The files work best in cases that involve long roots, preventing loss of working length because of the stopper. An AccuFile can also be used in cases with metallic restorations by holding it at the center and using the attached electronic apex locator (EAL) probe as an extension. AccuFile is the only hand file in the world with a precise EAL attachment site embedded into the handle for ease of use, reliability, and accuracy. In addition, it can be used in cases with limited opening when the maximum length is needed from the hand file to get an accurate reading.

With capabilities that are not offered by regular hand files, the AccuFile is the next level of hand file. Among its best features is its maximum precision, which means there is no more clip interaction with the stopper and subsequent loss of length on the file. AccuFiles are cost-effective because clinicians are able to use fewer K-files, saving valuable chair time. They are user-friendly and ergonomic, maximizing working space and eliminating the need to switch to a longer-than-optimal file. The most innovative feature, however, is the EAL attachment site, which allows more live EAL feedback by keeping the probe attached to the file throughout the entire procedure.

I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Brasseler USA to distribute the AccuFile. Brasseler has been exceptional in its support and partnership, and I truly value the company's vision of bringing innovative products to the market that can make everyday practice much easier, safer, and better for practitioners like myself. I am grateful to everyone at Brasseler for working on this project and for giving me the opportunity to share my idea with the dental community.

Key Takeaways

1. Maximum precision. No more worrying about contacting a metal surface or losing working length because of the clip interacting with the stopper.

2. User-friendly and ergonomic. Working space is maximized because it is no longer necessary to use longer-than-optimal files to squeeze the clip onto the K-file blank.

3. Cost-effective. Upon switching to AccuFile, users reported needing to use fewer K-files and saving valuable chair time.

4. More EAL feedback. The novel, hassle-free clip attachment allows the EAL to remain attached throughout the procedure, giving the clinician more working length feedback.

Moji Bagheri, DMD
American Board of Endodontics
Private Practice
Laguna Beach, California

Manufacturer Information
Brasseler USA • • 800-841-4522

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