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Inside Dentistry
July 2024
Volume 20, Issue 7

State-of-the-Art Cleaning for Complex Canals

The EdgePRO® laser-assisted irrigation system from EdgeEndo provides a streamlined workflow that enables single-visit treatment

Jacob K. Butler, DMD, MS

Jacob K. Butler, DMD, MS, received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Puerto Rico School of Dental Medicine in 2013 and then worked in the National Health Service Corps as a general dentist, providing dental care to underserved rural communities. Although the work was fulfilling, he was motivated to pursue specialization and completed an endodontic residency in 2018, earning a Master of Science degree and a graduate Certificate in Endodontics from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry. Now working as an endodontist at Wichita Endodontics in Wichita, Kansas, Butler has come to appreciate just how much trust patients put in him as a specialist. "Endodontics is unique in that we usually only see our patients once," he says. "They come into my office with only a brief introduction and explanation of their diagnosis and recommended treatment and must place their full trust in me, a stranger. So, I do not take this responsibility lightly."

With two locations in East and West Wichita, Wichita Endodontics employs six endodontists and collaborates with the US Department of Veterans Affairs and the US Air Force to provide endodontic care to their patients. Butler has enjoyed being able to grow in such a collaborative environment with other well-established specialists in the field. "I was so fortunate to join a practice with a rich history and excellent systems," he says. "I am supported by an incredible team that makes my day-to-day work more efficient and enjoyable and allows me to thrive as an endodontist."

It wasn't until 2022, however, that Butler felt that his endodontic skills had truly reached their full potential when he had a chance to learn and implement laser-assisted endodontics. "Laser-assisted endodontics revolutionized the way that I practice, and now it enables me to confidently treat even the most challenging cases," he says. "Traditional endodontic therapy has limitations, such as in its ability to clean lateral canals, apical ramifications, and isthmuses, but these can largely be overcome with laser-assisted endodontics, providing a more thorough and effective treatment."

The laser-assisted endodontics system that made all the difference for Butler was the EdgePRO® from EdgeEndo, which Wichita Endodontics implemented across the whole practice. "When we first purchased EdgePRO, I hoped that incorporating the technology into my workflow would provide me with an advantage in complex cases that otherwise would require apical surgery or extraction," he says. "From that perspective, the system truly delivered. Some other advanced irrigation systems have limitations, such as being restricted from treating certain teeth or areas in the mouth due to safety concerns, but after having treated more than 1,000 teeth with EdgePRO, I have never encountered any contraindications."

Backed by years of research, EdgePRO utilizes laser light technology and microfluidic dynamics to remove infected tissue, biofilms, and the smear layer and deliver outstanding cleaning, debridement, and disinfection-killing up to 99% of the bacteria commonly found in root canals. EdgePRO's state-of-the-art technology not only provides excellent clinical results but also offers a streamlined workflow that facilitates single-visit treatment at an affordable price. "In my experience, the factors that differentiate the EdgePRO from other irrigation systems are its safety, price point, and product support," Butler says. "Now, I have complete confidence in treating complex cases that might not heal with traditional irrigation techniques, and I also have the ability to complete almost all of my cases in a single visit, which is a huge benefit for everyone. Patients love it because they don't have to return for a second visit, the referring dentist loves it because patients return sooner for the restoration, and I love it because my production increases." Butler adds that in addition to using the EdgePRO in root canal systems, he also uses it in sinus tracts, deep probing areas around teeth, and even for certain areas where gingivoplasty is indicated.

Regarding EdgeEndo's product support, the company provided a 2-day training event for Butler's office to train both the doctors and their team members. "EdgeEndo has been a fantastic partner," he says. "They sent a highly knowledgeable representative to provide training, and that included having the representative present during a few of our first cases to answer questions. Even 2 years after implementation, we continue to have a close relationship with EdgeEndo and their representatives, which is such a great resource."

Although Butler no longer has the ability to slowly build a rapport with patients over time as he did as a general dentist, he is grateful to have the privilege of saving teeth and exceeding the expectations of patients who have to place their full trust in him right after meeting him. He knows that with EdgePRO's laser-assisted technology, he will be able to provide the most effective treatments for his patients while maintaining efficient treatment times, even in the most complex of cases. "EdgePRO continues to elevate my practice," he says. "I now put it on par with my cone-beam computed tomography machine and operating microscope as a technology that I cannot imagine doing root canals without."

Enhanced cleaning. EdgePRO's outstanding cleaning, debridement, and disinfection kills up to 99% of the bacteria commonly found in root canals.

Increased efficiency. The streamlined workflow reduces treatment times and patient visits, enabling single-visit treatment in many cases.

Technique flexibility. Shape and obturate the canals the way that you want without the need to change your technique.

Affordable pricing. EdgePRO's state-of-the-art technology is as low as one-third the cost of other irrigation devices.


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