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Inside Dentistry
July 2021
Volume 17, Issue 7

Having Fun While Providing Optimal Care

AMD Lasers’ Monet™ Laser Curing Light delivers efficient, powerful cure

Jay Nitzkin, DDS

As a teenager, Jay Nitzkin, DDS, always noticed how much fun his orthodontist seemed to be having while doing his work. That inspired Nitzkin to become a dentist himself, and it has driven him while he built his practice over the past 3 decades. "At the time, I did not have a vision of how big we would become or anything like that," Nitzkin says of Livonia Dental Care in Livonia, Michigan. "My focus was just on taking the best possible care of my patients."

Positive results have followed. Livonia Dental Care has grown from 3 chairs to 10 since Nitzkin purchased the practice in 1992. They have three associates, eight dental hygienists, and a large number of team members.

Nitzkin places a high priority on making sure that his entire team is happy so that the positive feelings trickle down to his patients. "Building rapport and relationships with patients is the secret to our success, and it comes from the top," he says. "When leadership shows compassion and kindness, team members do the same thing. It all ties together. When the team is treated with respect, that rubs off on the patients. They can be very perceptive about the office environment, and it can impact their experience."

Nitzkin includes continuing education among his methods for providing the best possible patient care. He also prioritizes using the best technology available.

One device that has made a particularly significant impact on his practice is the Monet Laser Curing Light from AMD Lasers. The Monet is easy and convenient to use, and its coherent and consistent beam intensity helps it deliver an efficient cure of as much as 6 mm of material in only 3 seconds and 4 mm of material in only 1 second. It is powerful enough to cure a deep, bulk-filled restoration, but it includes an attenuator for when more delicate work is required. Other key features include an unrestricted rotatable head and a convenient battery attachment mechanism. Designed by a group of the industry's leading engineers, it is easy to use and rests comfortably in the hand.

"One thing that has always bothered me is having to light cure materials for 40 seconds, especially for something like a set of six or eight veneers," Nitzkin says. "Even if you use two curing lights, sitting there and waiting for everything to cure is tedious. We do a lot of curing in our practice, and the time adds up."

The Monet concentrates light in order to reach the entire filling without spilling nonpenetrating light to the soft tissues. It provides consistent energy across the beam at any distance without any weak spots from dispersion or hot spots. In addition, the Monet does not need to be in contact with the tooth during operation. In fact, it should be held at least a few millimeters away. Nitzkin and his associates tested the device themselves and found that it provides an excellent cure with almost all materials.

"You can hold it farther away and still achieve the same depth of cure," Nitzkin says. "With halogen lights, the farther the light is from the tooth, the more curing strength you lose."

AMD Lasers' customer service and support are additional benefits. The Monet is just one of several products that Nitzkin uses from AMD Lasers. "The service is top-notch," he says.

After implementing the Monet into his office's workflow, Nitzkin offered his associates the opportunity to switch back to their old curing lights if they preferred. "Those were very good curing lights, but my associates declined," he says. "They love the Monet."

Of course, everything at Livonia Dental Care needs to serve the practice's mission of providing optimal patient care in a relaxed and positive environment, and the Monet is a key part of that. It helps Nitzkin have fun while doing his work, just as he hoped to when he decided to become a dentist. "The fun for me is in getting to know our patients as people," he says. "When we have staff meetings, we focus on what we can do differently to make patients more comfortable here and improve their overall satisfaction. The Monet Laser Curing Light has been a fantastic tool to help us do that while providing the most optimal care. It works great, and I would definitely recommend it to other dentists."

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