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Inside Dentistry
December 2017
Volume 13, Issue 12

Product Insights

A | Versamill 5X400

Axsys Dental Solutions has introduced the small-format, industrial-quality Versamill 5X400. The machine provides a compact 5-axis machining center that ensures maximum flexibility and versatility. It features an expanded 10-station ATC as well as enhanced rigidity and vibration dampening with increased weight and drive motor encoders for a closed-loop axes drive system that provides increased accuracy and repeatability.

B | SmileGoods Splash Toothbrush

Designed for children up to two years of age, the SmileGoods Splash Toothbrush features 22 tufts of extra-soft end-rounded bristles, with darker center bristles to show parents how much toothpaste to use. The wide, easy-grip handle with raised bumps is ideal for relieving teething pain and massaging gums.

C | Dynamic Disposables

Palmero Healthcare is expanding their line of Dynamic Disposables, a lightweight, disposable cost-effective alternative eye protection that reduces eye splash contamination incidents and can be worn with a clinician's own prescription glasses. The lenses feature self-closing holes to meet OSHA and CDC guidelines. Five percent of the proceeds of the new pink safety eyewear will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc®.

D | Monarch CleanStream

Monarch CleanStream's unique, non-foaming formula cleans and deodorizes lines for all brands of wet and dry vacuum systems. It has a pH of 8 (diluted) and does not contain any oxidizing agents. The cleaner features an easy-to-use dispenser system that makes mixing simple.

E | DL-100

The DL-100 Color Intraoral Scanner embraces digital dentistry with its fast and accurate optical impression technology. Its consistent reliability and accurate data acquisition provides dentists and patients with an easy and comfortable clinical experience. The HD touch screen is more convenient for dentists to analyze clinical cases and communicate with patients.

F | Ultaire™ AKP

Ultaire™ AKP, a high-performance polymer from Solvay Dental 360™, provides a biocompatible, lightweight, non-irritating and esthetically pleasing metal-free alternative for removable partial denture frames. It was specifically designed to fill the gap between metal RPDs, which can be too rigid and stiff, and other polymer frame materials that can be too flexible.

G | Futar® Cut and Trim Bite Registration Material

Futar Cut and Trim is “scannable” and has a working time of 15 seconds, an intraoral setting time of 45 seconds, and a total setting time of 1 minute. The blue shade helps clinicans by improving readability. The final hardness of this product is D-35, which sets rigid to eliminate any risk of vertical distortion when articulated and trims cleanly with a sharp blade.

H | Smile Lite MDP

Smile Lite MDP is the first device specifically developed to facilitate the taking of beautiful dental photos with your smartphone. Equipped with three groups of LEDs with four levels of brightness for each one, it can be considered a “mini photo studio.” The Smile Lite MDP features a universal adapter that can be used for any model of Smartphone.  This plug-and-play device is easy to use for shade matching, artistic pictures, communication with the laboratory, and documentation in patient charts.

I | NobelZygoma

For patients with severe maxillary resorption, extensive grafting procedures can mean lengthy treatment times. However, by anchoring in the zygomatic bone, the NobelZygoma implant system can enable an immediate loading protocol. This shortens time-to-teeth for increased patient satisfaction.

J | DentiMax 18

DentiMax, Inc. has released version 18 of its flagship practice management software. Available in both cloud and server editions, DentiMax 18 is more graphical, powerful, and easier-to-use than any of its predecessors.

K | Mosaic™

Mosaic™ universal composite balances beauty and performance for lasting, lifelike restorations. Mosaic composite can be used for all restorative purposes: basic or complex. Its well-balanced nanohybrid formula produces restorations of the highest quality.

L | TotalCem

TotalCem ia a self-etching and self-adhesive permanent resin cement indicated for many uses. It  is self-adhesive on enamel, dentine, metal, ceramic, porcelain, zirconium as well as composites and for the cementation of crowns, bridges, posts, inlays & onlays.


M | DX-Mixer Mixing Tips

Interchangeable with MIxapc HP mixing tips, DX-Mixer mixing tips are high performance mixing tips for dual-cartridge impression units. The color indicated on the packaging is used to distinguish the type of the tip (available in 6 types: Heavy Body, Light Body, Crown & Bridge, Temporary Cement Long and Short, and Core Material).

N | XyliGel®

XyliGel® for dry mouth is an all-natural, great tasting, gel that coats the mouth with 17% xylitol and lubricant to relieve dry mouth (xerostomia) day and night and reduce tooth decay.  XyliGel is the only dry mouth gel that is non-acidic and pH buffered to the best range for the mouth (pH 7.4).

O | EasyEx Dental Explorer Sharpener

The EasyEx Dental Explorer Sharpener is a compact, handheld battery operated device designed to make explorer sharpening as quick and easy as sharpening a pencil. Not only is the working life of the explorer extended, improved caries detection raises office efficiency, and the cost of the unit is quickly returned.

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