Inside Dentistry
March 2017
Volume 13, Issue 3

KöR® Whitening System

Predictably exceptional results… every patient, every time

Teeth whitening can often be a frustrating, problematic, and unpredictable proposition. Historically, whitening system companies have promised ease-of-use, outstanding results, and happy patients. But there is often a gap between what’s promised and what’s delivered.

The KöR Whitening System bridges that gap. KöR delivers continuously refrigerated, high-potency, vigorous whitening gels that are delivered cold to the dental office. As part of a scientifically designed application protocol, KöR Whitening delivers reliable, exceptional results to every patient, every time.

Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel™ Hydremide® Peroxide Technology

One obstacle to achieving optimum whitening results is the delivery system of the gel. KöR’s Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide formulation and delivery system is the first, and only, whitening system to use a tri-barrel delivery configuration. The ability to keep the chemistry separated into three isolated chambers permits the addition of more ingredients; creating a more sophisticated, exceptionally effective formulation.

For the first time ever, even super-resistant stains, like tetracycline, fluorosis, and even dentinogenesis imperfecta, can be flooded with the concentrations of bleaching factors necessary to ensure that the vast majority of patients obtain truly white teeth.

The Cold Truth about Whitening Gels

Heat is the enemy of whitening gel potency, and KöR Whitening is the first company to constantly refrigerate a full line of teeth-whitening products from the moment of manufacture until they are received cold-packed at the dental practice.

Refrigeration virtually stops breakdown of whitening gels. More importantly, constant refrigeration protects whitening gels against the damage of heat during storage and shipping. Refrigeration also eliminates the need for chemical stabilizers. Use of these stabilizers can increase osmolarity of gels by as much as 11 times. That increased osmotic “pull” on dentinal tubular fluid can increase teeth sensitivity. Constant refrigeration ensures maximum gel potency with minimal to no sensitivity.

A Solution for Every Patient

KöR is widely recognized as the world’s most effective whitening system—with no need for lights or lasers. KöR offers cost-effective solutions from phenomenal home whitening for average patients, to astonishing treatment of tetracycline cases—and everything in-between.

KöR Whitening Systems include: KöR Home, KöR Max, KöR Ultra, KöR Ultra-T, and KöR in-Office Power Whitening.

• KöR is the first company to constantly refrigerate a full line of teeth whitening gels
• Refrigeration eliminates the need for chemical stabilizers, resulting in far more effectiveness when placed in the mouth.
• KöR’s constant refrigeration virtually stops breakdown of all whitening gels.
• KöR-Seal whitening trays seal out damaging salivary antioxidants, resulting in 6+ hours of activity instead of the typical 20 to 30 minutes.

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