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Inside Dentistry
December 2022
Volume 18, Issue 12

Exceptional Whitening Results for Every Case

Brian Weibling, DDS, on KöR® Whitening

I'm an in-the-trenches dentist just like you. Several years ago, I took over a practice that was heavily populated by managed care patients, but that was not the way that I wanted to practice. I gradually transitioned out of managed care plans, and to do that successfully, I tried to provide my patients with the best of the best in all of the treatment modalities that I offered. KöR® Whitening, being the best whitening system by far, has been a significant part of what made my transition possible.

I had become crazy frustrated with the unpredictability and ineffectiveness of virtually every whitening product on the market. However, I had heard about KöR Whitening from other dentists, so I gave it a try. KöR is as different from the other available whitening systems as you can get. It provides exceptional whitening results every time, regardless of the case type and patient expectations.

Unlike other whitening companies, KöR provides specific kits and protocols to address the different case types and needs/wants of our patients. That is truly a game changer and really helps us dial in our treatments to achieve the specific outcomes desired by our patients. It provides the confidence that we'll get the results that our patients are looking for, whether we're dealing with a difficult case, such as those involving tetracycline staining or dentinogenesis imperfecta, an average whitening case, or anything in between.

KöR Whitening's marketing materials, especially the brochures and before and after photograph books, really help to "sell" the treatment while patients are in the chair. Furthermore, Rod Kurthy, DMD, formulated his KöR Whitening gels to possess far lower sensitizing properties when compared with other products. Therefore, with KöR, sensitivity is greatly minimized to begin with. And the KöR desensitizers, which are included in all of the patient at-home kits, further eliminate sensitivity. We make sure that we hammer that message home to patients.

For me, the most important aspect of KöR Whitening is how the system is entirely based on genuine science, which I've not seen with any of the other whitening systems. KöR has also taught me how to spot cases that might be more resistant to whitening treatment as well as mild tetracycline staining that I would have previously overlooked.

Taking the "shot in the dark" approach offered by inferior whitening products and keeping my fingers crossed hoping for an acceptable result has never sat well with me. Having every step of the process worked out based on science and knowing that virtually every case will result in an excited patient is invaluable to my practice. With KöR being so effective on difficult cases, like my case presented here involving tetracycline staining, consider how satisfied all of my typical whitening patients are with the results that they are able to achieve.

Key Takeaways

• KöR Whitening provides consistent predictability and confidence in achieving exceptional final whitening results, so there is no need to cross your fingers and hope.

• KöR Whitening offers various kits and protocols to handle every possible type of case and satisfy the desires of every patient.

• The chairside patient brochures and before and after photograph books provided by KöR Whitening routinely create excitement and impress patients, resulting in more "Yes" responses.

• KöR fights whitening sensitivity in two ways: the formulation and refrigeration of the products greatly lower sensitivity, and use of the KöR desensitizers further lowers it.

Brian Weibling, DDS
Private Practice
Canfield, Ohio


KöR Whitening

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