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Inside Dentistry
May 2024
Volume 20, Issue 5

The Best Whitening System for Both Patients and Staff

Stacy M. Dean, DDS, and Jessica Dean, DDS, on the KöR® Whitening System from Evolve Dental Technologies

At Dean Dental, the patient always comes first, so when our whitening patients were expressing dissatisfaction about both experiencing tooth sensitivity and the results not lasting long enough, we knew we needed to try something new. We wanted to create a "wow" factor with our whitening results, and we were able to accomplish that with the KöR Whitening System from Evolve Dental Technologies.

KöR® Whitening provides a kit for every case type, which allows us to tailor our whitening treatments to each patient's specific needs. KöR HOME is an at-home whitening system that yields consistently amazing results at a reasonable price. With this system, patients whiten at home for 2 weeks with KöR-Night or KöR-Day. KöR MAX is a versatile whitening system that includes at-home whitening followed by a single in-office whitening visit, providing the best possible whitening result for the typical patient. For stubborn cases, such as those involving fluorosis and dark geriatric staining, KöR ULTRA delivers astonishing whitening results, and KöR ULTRA-T was specifically developed to deliver exceptional results on cases of tetracycline staining that were once thought to be untreatable.

When we first started investigating KöR Whitening, the science behind their systems really resonated with us. Many whitening systems market themselves around ease of use or the use of a light or some other device intended to impress patients, but they do not seem to be backed by much science. KöR Whitening, however, has built its reputation around sound scientific principles. Dentist and research scientist Rod Kurthy, DMD, began researching teeth whitening while still in dental school in 1977 and founded Evolve Dental Technologies 30 years later. A prime example of the science behind the system is the KöR-Seal Tray Laboratory, which has solved many of the issues that lead to poor whitening results. KöR-Seal Trays are made with precision to keep whitening gel inside the tray and prevent saliva from entering the tray during treatment. In addition, contact time is critical to whitening success, and KöR Whitening has solved that challenge with a detailed tray fabrication process that results in an ideal fit.

There was almost no learning curve associated with switching to KöR Whitening. The process was straightforward and uncomplicated for our team, and our KöR clinical specialist has been extremely helpful in providing additional guidance to create optimal treatment plans for each patient. She is always easy to contact and responds in a timely manner. Moreover, the KöR-Seal Tray Laboratory is convenient, and the fit of the trays is always spot-on with a level of precision similar to what we would expect from crown and bridge work.

We routinely recommend whitening to all patients, especially prior to any restorative treatment. Since we began using KöR Whitening, our volume of whitening cases has increased significantly, and this has positively impacted our revenue stream. We have also been contacted frequently about KöR Whitening by new patients who saw it mentioned on our social media accounts, and KöR Whitening has a "Find a Dentist" page on its website as well for patients seeking KöR Whitening providers.

We have some patients who thought that they would never be able to have a white smile due to the lack of effectiveness of other products and the greyish hues in their teeth. It is always rewarding to hear a patient say, "I cannot stop smiling!" or "I never thought my teeth could get this white!" The more incredible results we see in our office, the more confident we feel in recommending KöR Whitening to patients because we know that KöR works every time and is worth it.

We strongly recommend that all dental practices provide KöR Whitening to their patients. The outcomes are truly remarkable, and we are consistently astonished by its effectiveness. The various KöR kits are tailored to each patient's specific needs, and it just works. We firmly believe that we would not be able to achieve the same results in our practice without KöR Whitening.

Stacy M. Dean, DDS
Dean Dental
Washington, Pennsylvania

Jessica Dean, DDS
Dean Dental
Washington, Pennsylvania

Key Takeaways

1. Offers a kit for the specific needs of every case type.

2. Provides predictable, effective whitening results.

3.  Is easy to implement and utilize on a daily basis.

4.  Achieves ideal results in conjunction with restorative treatment.

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