Inside Dentistry
September 2015
Volume 11, Issue 9


Gluma® Desensitizer | Heraeus Kulzer

One of the most well known desensitizers on the market, Gluma has been used in more than 50 million restorations. Just one drop is all you need, and the results are fast and effective. No mixing, no curing, and no repetitive steps. Now available in the new Gluma PowerGel, Gluma can be used with all bonding and restorative materials in any situation. This unique one-step gel formula desensitizer allows for greater control and accuracy during application. In addition, its unique green-color indicator provides visual ease of placement and rinse-clean capability. It also features a no-drip formula, so it stays where you place it, and minimizes contact with soft tissues.

With the control of a gel and the confidence of Gluma, your patients will appreciate the fast, effective, and long-term results for a more comfortable prophy. Use Gluma under every restoration—direct and indirect—to ensure your patients the comfort they deserve.



  • Primes, bonds, and desensitizes in a single step
  • Simple, fast, and easy-to-use
  • Applicable for direct and indirect restorations
  • Improved accuracy and control
  • No-drip formula
  • Unique, patent-protected benefits

BisBlock™ | BISCO, Inc.

BISCO’s BisBlock is specifically formulated to prevent intra-tubular fluid movement by forming oxalate crystals within the tubules, blocking fluid movement, and diminishing pain. BisBlock can be used to desensitize exposed root surfaces, pretreat tooth preparations (prior to placing direct restorations), or before temporizing indirect restorations.



By creating hydroxyapatite when applied to dentin and/or enamel surfaces, this product seals dental tubules and cracks in the enamel.Highly biocompatible, it is designed to prevent dentinal sensitivity.


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