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June 2012
Volume 8, Issue 6

ZEUS™ Full-Contour Zirconia Restoratives

A practical application of digital dental technologies.

Many restorative trends, techniques, and technologies have come and gone over the years. For example, some material developments—ie, lithium disilicate—have transformed the face of esthetic dentistry, while others have gone by the wayside. Although the concept of digital dentistry started out small, it has progressively increased in momentum to the point that its boundaries appear to be endless.

Though there are many interesting applications for emerging digital technologies, the new restorative materials made possible by digital innovations are likely to have the most fundamental impact on dentistry. The excitement resides in the fact that these “hypothetical” material applications are actually being developed today. Some are in the final stages of development, and in due time, these materials will have the potential to further revolutionize the quality of dental care provided in modern practice.

MicroDental Laboratories is beta testing many of the materials made possible by digital technologies. The Zirconia Esthetic Universal System (ZEUS) is a new family of full-contour dental restorations made possible by one such new material (Figure 1).

ZEUS: A New-Generation Zirconia Restoration

MicroDental has partnered with Wieland Dental to develop ZEUS™ restoratives, which are made from a new, highly translucent and durable zirconia from Wieland. This new zirconium-dioxide material is ideal for technology-enhanced fabrication techniques.

Consistent and Flexible Esthetics

Most notably, this new zirconia material provides remarkable esthetic qualities. Because its blanks are pre-colored in four shades—pure, light, medium, and intense—there is no need for dyeing, which can result in inconsistent esthetics. By optimizing the raw material powder and compaction technology, this material by Wieland can achieve over 60% light transmission.

Using the pre-colored blanks as a starting point, MicroDental can quickly and easily tailor the esthetics of the ZEUS restorative to meet the preferences of the dentist. Sixteen classic tooth shades can be derived from the pre-colored, highly translucent blanks. Additionally, 46 conventional tooth shades can also be achieved by using this special zirconia as a framework material.

One Material, Many Restorative Options

Another aspect of this new zirconia material is that it is a flexible platform that enables MicroDental to fabricate a family of ZEUS full-contour zirconia restoratives. For highly price-sensitive patients who require an economical solution, MicroDental can offer an Essentials ZEUS restorative that features a basic level of staining, glazing, and anatomy at an entry-level price (Figure 2). For patients who desire a traditional balance of value and esthetics, MicroDental can create a Classic ZEUS restorative that adds additional staining and glazing techniques at a value-oriented price. By adding esthetic techniques such as cutbacks and micro-layering, MicroDental can offer its Macstudio ZEUS restorative for those patients who prefer premier cosmetic restorations.


ZEUS full-contour restorations by MicroDental Laboratories are indicated for crowns, bridges, and screw-retained implant crowns. Essentials ZEUS restorations are indicated for posterior single units. Essentials ZEUS restoratives are an esthetic alternative to full-metal, non-precious, and “Zir” restoratives. Classic ZEUS restorations are indicated for posterior restorations, single, or multiple units. Macstudio ZEUS restorations are indicated for anterior and posterior restorations, single, or multiple units.

Patient Benefits

ZEUS restoratives offer many patient benefits. Made from a single ceramic block, ZEUS restoratives are highly resistant to chipping. A wide portfolio of restoratives can be achieved to meet the functional, esthetic, and financial expectations of the dentist and patient. All-ceramic ZEUS restoratives offer 100% biocompatibility. Excellent material strength (3-point bending strength of just under 1,500 MPa) means that ZEUS restoratives are durable and long-lasting. ZEUS restoratives are also a good option when a conservative approach to dentistry is either preferred or required.


New restorative materials made possible by digital technologies are poised to make a fundamental impact on modern dentistry. ZEUS restorations by MicroDental Laboratories are made possible by a new, highly translucent, and durable zirconium-oxide material from Wieland Dental. Thanks to the technology-friendly nature of the new material, MicroDental can offer ZEUS restorations in a wide range of shades, restoration types, and price tiers to meet the preferences of dentists and patients.

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This article was written by Lee Culp, CDT, chief technology officer of MicroDental Laboratories in Dublin, California.

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