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Inside Dentistry
Jul/Aug 2011
Volume 7, Issue 7

Impregum™ and Imprint™ 3 Intra-oral Syringes

Easy-to-use delivery system from 3M ESPE brings added convenience and efficiency to Intra-oral syringing.

Dentists often find syringing wash material from a traditional hand cartridge frustrating and imprecise. The size and bulkiness of the cartridge make it difficult to maneuver and can block the dentist’s view of the preparation. Additionally, a traditional hand dispenser tip creates waste due to excess unused wash material. To make it easier for dentists, 3M ESPE introduces Impregum™ and Imprint™ 3 Intra-oral Syringes as an easy-to-use, efficient solution for these issues.

Impregum and Imprint 3 Intra-oral Syringes are the latest dispensing solution for both VPS and polyether wash material. The syringes feature an easy-to-load, easy-to-dispense ergonomic design, and provide dental professionals with a convenient alternative to cartridge delivery.

In field tests, the Impregum and Imprint 3 Intra-oral Syringes have already proven their advantages. Users particularly appreciate their ease of use and the considerable material savings resulting from waste reduction. Internal testing conducted by 3M ESPE has shown that 89% of users gave the syringes top ratings for reducing the amount of waste in the mixing tip and 88% of testers reported overall satisfaction with their intra-oral handling.

Convenient Handling and Delivery

The small size and ergonomic design of the Impregum and Imprint 3 Intra-oral Syringes make it easier to access hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, letting dentists apply their preferred choice of wash material more precisely, and enabling final restorations with excellent accuracy. Their slim profile enables smooth and easy access to the entire sulcus.

The syringes are compatible with any VPS or polyether wash material delivered from a 50-mL hand-dispensed cartridge. Compared to standard hand dispensers, Impregum and Imprint 3 Intra-oral Syringes offer better intra-oral handling, and their convenient size allows dentists to work more quickly, with less hassle. With these syringes, dentists can achieve final restorations that meet their high standards for accuracy and esthetics.

Waste-Eliminating Design

In addition to their easy handling and convenience, Impregum and Imprint 3 Intra-oral Syringes can also help to reduce product waste in the impression-taking procedure. As compared to hand dispenser tips, the Imprint 3 Intra-oral Syringe results in 67% less material waste for VPS materials, while the Impregum Intra-oral Syringe produces 84% less waste for polyether materials.

The syringes also enable dental professionals to dispense individual doses of wash material, giving them exact control over the material amount, with no pre-dosed quantity—which is found with existing unit-dose systems in the market. This makes the single-use product an economical solution for reducing the amount of wasted wash material. With less waste as compared to hand dispenser tips and the ability to control exact dosing, Impregum and Imprint 3 Intra-oral Syringes offer dental professionals two important ways to save material.

A Hygienic, Time-Saving Solution

Impregum and Imprint 3 Intra-oral Syringes save dental professionals time during both preparation and clean up. The syringes can be preloaded directly from the cartridge up to 12 hours in advance, giving dental professionals the option to prepare the syringes prior to the actual procedure. Because they are single-use products, the syringes allow for a more hygienic procedure, and there is no need for time-consuming cleaning steps. This saves time when compared to the disinfection needed with other dispensing products, syringes, mixing tips, or cartridges.

Simple Technique

To use Impregum and Imprint 3 Intra-oral Syringes, first bleed a small amount of material from the dispenser cartridge. Remove the plunger from the intra-oral syringe and attach the syringe to the cartridge. Next, hold the syringe in place and fill it with the desired amount of material (Figure 1). Replace the plunger back in the syringe. After replacing the plunger, the syringe can be set aside for up to 12 hours before application. When ready to use the material, lift the syringe tip to align with the syringe at a 180° angle (Figure 2). Bleed a small amount of material onto a mixing pad, and then thoroughly syringe the material around the prepared tooth (Figure 3).

With easier handling and less material waste, the Impregum and Imprint 3 Intra-oral Syringes give dental professionals a new state-of-the-art dispensing option.

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