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Inside Dentistry
May 2009
Volume 5, Issue 5

Inspired by You—DENTRIX G4

With the release of DENTRIX G4, Henry Schein Practice Solutions has proven once again that its focus and goal is to meet the needs of the dental professional. DENTRIX G4 is unique in many ways. It is our second product update in 2008. We created it as a way to say “we are listening” to our valued DENTRIX users. G4 features and their priorities are solely in response to requests from users.

Customer involvement in testing G4 is an essential phase in the development of each and every DENTRIX product. Before making G4 available, 120 dental practices installed and rigorously tested G4 as the capstone of this customer-driven initiative. They represent the broad spectrum of more than 30,000 practices who have chosen DENTRIX to manage their livelihood.

Over the span of 8 weeks, we maintained very close contact with the 120 practices testing G4 and we were able to gather suggestions and gauge the level of satisfaction for G4. For speed testing, G4 has undergone extensive computer simulation tests under a wide variety of conditions, which has improved performance over DENTRIX G2 and G3 with faster load times and accelerated data access. In the spirit of the “Inspired By You” theme of this release, we asked the customers who installed it and have been using it for more than 2 months about the speed; 88% indicate G4 is faster than G2, and 79% indicate G4 is faster than G3.

Practices using DENTRIX version 11, G2, or G3 can upgrade directly to DENTRIX G4. DENTRIX G4 includes 230 total new features and modifications that satisfy more than 2,800 individual custom enhancement requests. DENTRIX G4 will be automatically shipped to customers subscribed to a customer service plan. Unlimited, toll-free technical support, upgrades, electronic backup, a basic Web site, access to knowledge base resources, on-line training courses, discounts, and more are included with the DENTRIX customer service plan.

DVD Upgrade

Henry Schein Practice Solutions is a technology company dedicated to providing solutions that will benefit your practice and keep it running smoothly. Our Product Management team continually communicates with our customers to find better ways to provide your practice with the most up-to-date technology solutions. In an effort to provide those solutions to you, we are delivering G4 with a DVD to install the upgrade rather than two CDs like DENTRIX G3.

After much research and consideration, we found that the use of DVDs will streamline the installation process of DENTRIX and enhance the user experience. If your practice currently has hardware that meets the technical specifications for running DENTRIX, there will be no change or problem in your system. Most modern computers have DVD readers installed, and upgrading to DENTRIX G4 will not be a problem for your office. Current DENTRIX System Requirements are included with G4, and are always available at


Key features in DENTRIX G4 include:

Family Alerts: When creating a patient alert, the practice can now apply that alert to the patient’s entire family, or to select family members, so only one alert is created instead of several. Other time-saving features include custom alert note templates and the ability to insert alert datelines and creation dates. And, with DENTRIX G4, there is no limit to the number of patient or family alerts the practice can create for each patient.

Procedure Button Sets: Another time-saving feature in DENTRIX G4 is the ability to create and manage customer procedure button sets for the Tooth Chart that can be selected on any computer on the network. As a result, the user has access to their procedure button preferences from any computer on the network.

Chart and Treatment Planner: Users now have the ability to remove sensitive procedure codes from Treatment Plan Consent Forms. These Consent forms can now be viewed in the document center, saving the form if a case is deleted. The Presenter module has also been updated to improve integration GURU, our Patient Education solution.

Default Payment Allocations and Payments: Including new options that save the practice time was a key focus for DENTRIX G4. When entering payments, the practice can set a default payment allocation to either the guarantor’s provider or a split payment option, allowing this task to be completed very quickly. And for faster searching, the practice can now search for specific payments by check number, amount, date, insurance carrier, or guarantor, and a report of the results can be printed.

Insurance Enhancements: With DENTRIX G4, the office can now edit the amount of benefit used and the deductible applied for a patient without having to go through an open claim. This will save the staff time when setting up insurance for new patients as well as correcting older patients’ benefits. The office can also set the signature on file for new subscribers as a default in the office manager. As an additional time-saver, Release of Information and Assignment of Benefits for both dental and medical insurances can now be set globally.

Smart Upgrades: DENTRIX G4 will check to see that the practice is using the most current version and allows updates to be installed via the Internet, making future updates and upgrades simpler for the office. Additionally, the practice can install updates from any one computer on the network, significantly shortening the installation process and maintaining efficiency with the practice using the latest software.

Reporting enhancements: Several key reports have been modified based on customer feedback. For example, the Practice Analysis Production Summary report can now be selected from a range of procedure codes. Archived patients are removed from the route slip, and an option has been provided to exclude inactive or non-patients from the Unscheduled Treatment Plans report.

Security and Ease of Use: Those using DENTRIX G4 will appreciate enhancements that make security easier for the office to understand and use, such as the inclusion of new descriptions for each security in Passwords maintenance. The Help Menu now includes links to the Henry Schein Practice Solutions Knowledgebase, which makes troubleshooting for the office faster and easier. If the office wants to brush up on their DENTRIX knowledge, they can get to the DENTRIX On-Demand training by clicking the new link in the Help Menu.


Inspiration drives us to do incredible things. Inspiration drove Michelangelo to paint the Sistine Chapel, Thomas Edison to invent the light bulb and Ludwig van Beethoven to write his Fifth Symphony. Just as these revolutionary thinkers were inspired to bring something great into the world, Henry Schein Practice Solutions sought inspiration, and found it in our customers. With more than 170 user-requested features, DENTRIX G4 is the proven solution to making practices successful. Save time, save money, and accomplish more with the practice management software inspired by you.

For more information, contact:
Henry Schein Practice Solutions
Phone: 1-800-DENTRIX


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