Inside Dentistry
November 2016
Volume 12, Issue 11

Developing Solutions: Going Straight to the Source

Brad Royer and Dentrix look to their users to learn what new functions are needed

Dentists know that improving patient care starts with paying attention to patients’ needs and desires. Similarly, Brad Royer knows the best way to make sure Dentrix practice management software continues to meet the evolving needs of office-based practitioners is to spend time in dental offices, paying attention.

“We develop the ideas that keep us at the forefront of the industry by talking to practitioners and observing them and their staff using the system, understanding intimately what their needs are,” says Royer, Senior Product Manager, Dentrix, for Henry Schein.

Royer has spent extended amounts of time in dental offices, observing the day-to-day roles of the dentists, hygienists, office managers, billing coordinators, and others, and thinking about how Dentrix can help them.

“Our primary goal is to help office-based practitioners run a better business so they can focus on patient care,” Royer says. “We develop our solutions, products, and services to allow the practitioner to have better relationships with patients by focusing less of their time on running the business.”

That philosophy has helped Dentrix remain a leader in the industry.

“We continue to stay ahead of the curve to help our practitioners be successful and profitable,” Royer says.

4 Key Takeaways

Royer says the recession of the last decade still has lasting effects on practices. “Strategies and technologies that previously set you apart no longer do,” he says.

Patient interaction has been a recent emphasis. “Mobile apps, reminder systems, easier billing statements, and more can lead to an affinity for the practice,” Royer says.

Dentrix monitors developments in sleep medicine, implants, scanning, and more. “Our job is to provide solutions that connect everything,” Royer says.

Dentrix is backed by parent company Henry Schein. “We will be here as your partner 10 years from now and beyond,” Royer says.

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