Inside Dentistry
March 2017
Volume 13, Issue 3

Putting Technology to Work in Practice

Convenient wearable and mobile technology for the entire dental team

Your practice is a busy, dynamic environment where different members of your team interact with dozens of patients every day. So how do you keep track of who your visiting patients are, where they’re located, and what they need—especially when you’re on the move? How do you prevent the bottlenecks and miscommunications that can slow your practice down, cost extra time and money, and negatively impact patient experiences?

Simplifeye, a Dentrix Connected solution, provides innovative answers to these important questions by sending active, real-time information about your patients, your schedule, and your team to any Apple Watch or iPhone, so you can turn today’s most popular mobile and wearable technology into a powerful new tool for your practice.

With Simplifeye, you can get up to speed on important patient history and treatment information quickly when you’re on the go and away from a chairside workstation. You can also build a patient follow-up list with a few taps—and then place those calls from your preferred device. It offers active push notifications about important tasks and workflows to keep everyone on your team in sync and on track. You can also replace sticky notes, headsets, and room-to-room searches with secure instant messages sent quickly and discreetly to your Apple Watch.

Simplifeye improves your ability to interact naturally and effectively with your patients—by giving you faster, easier access to their information. This includes making it easy to greet your patients personally and discuss their situation accurately from the moment you enter a treatment room—without taking the time to log in to a workstation first. It’s also simple to streamline your workflows and processes to reduce wait times and downtime for patients, and save time by viewing important information about patients without interrupting your current task. You can also reduce the risks of allergic reactions and other problems by receiving notifications about possible medical issues, and impress your patients by using the latest technology to improve their experience.

With Simplifeye, you can see your entire schedule—including who is waiting for you in the next operatory—by simply glancing down at your wrist or reaching into your pocket. With convenient color-coding options that make patient on-boarding, handoffs, and discharges faster and more seamless, you can clear patients who only need a small amount of time first and free up chair for patients who are waiting. Let your team prep those patients while handling the more involved procedures.

Simplifeye is ready to make your practice more agile, responsive, and productive. Start putting the wearable technology revolution to work for your practice.

• Build a patient follow-up list with a few taps
• Keep everyone on your team in sync and on track with active push notifications
• Faster, easier access to patient information
• Streamline workflows and processes to reduce wait times and downtime for patients

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