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Special Issues
November 2015
Volume 11, Issue 4

Z-ray® High Performance Digital Radiography System

Diagnostic imaging system offers sharp images with superior contrast

Figure 1 | Zuma Dental® believes that high-quality x-ray images should be available in every x-ray operatory. To achieve this goal, ZUMA developed the latest in diagnostic imaging—the Z-ray High Performance Digital Radiography System.

The Z-ray system offers next generation scintillator technology that converts radiation to light output. It does this more efficiently with uniform energy, resulting in superior contrast ratios and cleaner images. There are no hot spots or areas showing fewer signals. There is a consistent level of grayscale across the entire image.

Other features of the system include the fiber optic plate, 16-bit image capture, uncompressed image data, and true 22 line pairs per millimeter. A thicker fiber optic plate focuses and filters energy better, resulting in sharper images. The 16-bit capture is state-of-the-art, offering higher resolution and reduced pixilation, which is especially important when zooming in on small details. With uncompressed image data, there is more detail per square inch of the image. The true 22 line pairs per millimeter feature offers more clarity for sharper, cleaner images with less noise and pixilation.

Another key part of the Z-ray system is the state-of-the-art software. It integrates flawlessly with most practice management software systems, making it an easy transition in any practice. The software also has the ability to convert data from most digital imaging software platforms and includes nine different enhancements and filters, and five pre-sets (GP, periodontal, restorative, implant, and endodontic). The Z-ray is compatible with digital radiographs, digital cameras, panoramic devices, surgical scopes, cephalometric devices, video sources/scopes, intraoral cameras, and transillumination devices.

Whether you’re a seasoned digital practice or interested in converting to the digital world, Z-ray digital sensors and imaging software offer an easy, smooth transition.


1. State-of-the-Art
State-of-the-art software features nine manual enhancements and filters, and five auto presets to enhance diagnostics and image quality

2. Scintillator Technology
Converts radiation to light output, resulting in superior contrast ratios and cleaner images

3. The New Number #1
A recent clinical study confirms that Z-ray's image quality is #1, compared to other leading manufacturers*

4. 16-Bit Image Capture
Higher resolution and reduced pixilation

5. Easy Transition
Seamlessly integrates with most practice management software systems

6. Disruptive Pricing Model
Fully transparent pricing allows clinicians to have Hi-Performance sensors in every operatory

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