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As more and more patients request dental implants and the treatment becomes increasingly viable with new advances in materials, equipment, and techniques, staying well-informed of these new developments is of paramount importance. A strong knowledge of new protocols, digital options, and literature can help dentists provide the best possible patient care on implant cases. Make this Resource Center your home for implantology education, product information, clinical articles, eBooks, and more.


Learn more about how digitally merging surgical and prosthetic modalities provides predictable outcomes!

Digitally merging surgical and prosthetic modalities leads to predictable, esthetic outcomes.

Learn how perio-prosthetic synergy in implant dentistry provides implant therapy in a streamlined, atraumatic manner!


Learn more about how this system can increase efficiency and save chair time!

Re-Treatment of Iatrogenic Implant Failure

A simplified approach for guided bone regeneration and soft-tissue augmentation



Learn more about treatment planning challenges in today's aging population!

What restorative planning challenges does your practice face with today's aging population?

Learn more about the treatment planning that is involced in providing aging patients enhanced quality of life through dental implants. 


Learn more about the factors for implant success!

What factors determine success?

This eBook provides two CE articles, along with a Peer Perspective, that explore these factors. 


Learn more how digital technology can improve implant placement!

How does digital technology help with implant placement?

Digital technology can enhance accuracy, predictability, and efficiency. 

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