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Digital Imaging has transformed dentistry allowing clinicians to diagnosis more accurately and provide better work. Digital imaging is used for many aspects of dentistry including caries detection, impression taking, placing implants, endodontic work, orthodontic procedures, and more. There are many considerations that need to be taken into account when investing in a digital imaging unit. Make this Resource Center your home for education, product information, clinical articles, eBooks, and more on digital imaging.


The Benefits of Adopting Digital Technology

Digital scanners offer more than just a replacement for impression materials



Can Indirect Restorations Be Produced With the Same Level of Quality Without Using Digital Technology?

Roundtable with Amanda Seay, DDS; Russell Giordano II, DMD, DMSc; and Jack Ringer, DDS


Practice Growth in the Digital Age

Instead of chasing patients through the online marketing maze, leverage an all-in-one integrated program solution that helps you reach them where they are today.


Success with Surgical Guides

In this lecture Dr. Douglas Chenin will introduce the various surgical guide types and classify them according to the available “levels of control” that surgical guides can offer, and the associated instruments needed for these various capabilities.

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