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Milling Unit M1 by Zirkonzahn®

Milling Unit M1


Zirkonzahn’s Milling Unit M1, designed to grant access to the world of CAD/CAM, is a very compact device for processing of soft materials.

  •    5+1 axes simultaneous milling and orbit technology
  • Milling Spindle Soft Automatic with fivefold tool changer
  • Equipped with sealing air
  • Modular
  • Processable materials: pre-sintered zirconia oxide (Prettau® Zirconia, ICE Zirkon Translucent, ICE Zirkon Abutment, Zirconia Creative), pre-sintered aluminium oxide, resin, wax, wood and sinter metal
  • 47.7 x 69.3 x 61.3 cm
  • Weight: about 80 kg

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