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Face Hunter by Zirkonzahn®

Face Hunter


Introducing a digital facebow technique to reproducibly transfer patients into a virtual articulator by means of 3D face scans. The Face Hunter is a scanner for photo-realistic 3D digitization of patient faces as a working basis for the manufacture of patient-specific dental restorations. The only 3D face scanner of its kind, the Face Hunter digitizes the cutting-edge PlaneSystem workflow that reproducibly transfers the maxillary situation into an articulator. All scan data are directly integrated into the Zirkonzahn.Scan and .Modellier software to provide the foundation for dental technical projects. A hidden feature of the Face Hunter and PlaneSystem, users can detect original and lost individual occlusal planes to enhance functional rehabilitation through virtual tooth setups. Together, the Face Hunter and PlaneSystem improve our digital understanding of esthetics while engineering functional rehabilitations.


Zirkonzahn USA


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