Face Hunter


Zirkonzahn’s Face Hunter scanner is used to create a photo-realistic 3D-digitalization of patients’ faces. The facial 3D scan data offers a number of advantages for dental technicians, dentists, and patients. While the technician is allowed to create the restoration on the basis of the face, the dentist gets an almost photo-realistic preview of the final result. Not only does this serve as a marketing instrument, but it can also be used for patient counselling so they can get a more concrete idea of what the final work will look like. Via a patent-pending transferring system, and in conjunction with the Scanner S600 ARTI, the facial scans are sent to Zirkonzahn.Modellier software. There, the scan and case details are matched together so that the technician is able to base his or her work the patient’s facial features. If combined with the Software-Module CAD/CAM Reality Mode, the previewed work will be extremely close to reality. The facial scans are ideally combined with the Plain Finder, invented by master dental technician Udo Plaster. This is an important part of Plaster’s concept of holistic tooth restorations and takes into account new facial features as alignment points for model transferring. The Face Hunter is also very easy to handle. It takes only one click and 0.3 seconds to digitalize a face, and the scanner is also ready for mobile use with laptops. Phone: 800-989-8931 Web: www.zirkonzahn.com

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