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Grandio® SO by VOCO America

Grandio® SO

VOCO America

Grandio® SO, from VOCO America, Inc., is a substrate-optimized universal nanohybrid composite with a unique combination of superior handling, esthetics, and ideal physical properties. Grandio®SO achieves its remarkably low shrinkage rate of 1.6% through its innovative nanotechnology. Grandio®SO uses silicon dioxide nanofiller particles grown from a liquid in a sol-gel process to achieve a particle size of 20 to 60 nm, and then mixes those nanoparticles with traditional glass ceramic filler particles. The traditional fillers form a hard network and the nanoparticles fill the spaces between them, enabling Grandio®SO to achieve its higher filler rate of 89%. Grandio®SO exhibits exceptional long-term dimensional stability. When chewing force is applied, it compresses the restoration, a process called material “creep.” Once the force is removed, the material begins to expand back to its original shape. Grandio®SO exhibits a surface hardness twice as high as other composites, and comes closest to the hardness of natural tooth enamel. Yet, despite its exceptionally high surface hardness, Grandio®SO still polishes well and produces long-lasting high gloss restorations. Thanks to its superb physical and esthetic properties, Grandio®SO can be used for both anterior and posterior restorations. Grandio®SO comes in 16 shades, but in many cases, even in the anterior region, only one shade is required to produce the best esthetic result, saving the dentist time and money.

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