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Inside Dentistry
November 2020
Volume 16, Issue 11

New Products

A | Surefil one

Surefil one, an innovative filling material, offers an ideal alternative. Procedures can be performed faster than when using composites and achieve more durable outcomes than when using glass ionomers.

B |  Colgate Professional Direct

Colgate Professional Direct is a website where dental professionals can make recommendations with the click of a button and send discounted Colgate products right to patients' homes.

C | Aeras Dental Vacuum

DENTALEZ continues to focus on smart monitoring with their Aeras intelligent platform. The Aeras Vacuum by Ramvac incorporates cloud-based diagnostic capabilities for 24/7 monitoring, improving service and minimizing costly downtime.

D |  MPI Molecular Precision Implant System

The MPI system features a revolutionary dental implant design that combines high initial stability with a long-term biological anchor. Its internal hexagonal connection is designed to create a seal to prevent colonization and protect against the risks of peri-implantitis.

E | Medit T710, T510, and T310

Medit announces the launch of three new T-Series laboratory scanner models: T710, T510, and T310. The open-system scanners offer upgraded performance at an unbeatable price, and with a fully customizable workflow, they provide supreme flexibility to simplify laboratory work

F | ClearPilot

ClearCorrect has launched a new digital treatment design tool called ClearPilot that gives providers enhanced visibility and responsive control as they review and approve their ClearCorrect clear aligner cases.

G | Cortex Dental Implants

Cortex Dental Implants Industries has announced that their dental implant lines and surgical solutions have been made more widely available in the United States through a rapidly expanding network of new, authorized dealer partnerships.

H | Form 3BL

Formlabs has launched the Form 3BL, a large-format dental and medical 3D printer optimized for biocompatible materials, and is now shipping its flagship large-format printer, the Form 3L.

I | everX Flow

GC America's everX Flow is a short-fiber, reinforced flowable composite designed for dentin replacement in direct restorations (with conventional composite as the enamel layer) and for core build-ups.

J | VursaWedge

Plak Smacker is excited to introduce VursaWedge, an innovative new matrix wedge that delivers perfectly sealed gingival margins. Its specially developed split wedge technology creates a better gingival seal, which helps in routine and deep-lesion cases.

K | Compo-Brushes

Smile Line's Compo-Brushes, developed with Style Italiano, are intended for composite staining. Their black synthetic fibers facilitate extreme precision with the best contrast and a working quality that is superior to the standard brushes normally found in composite kits.

L | GrandioSO Light Flow

GrandioSO Light Flow is a low viscosity nanohybrid flowable composite. With the filler degree of a universal composite and an extremely flowable viscosity, it allows for targeted and precise applications using an ultra-fine intraoral tip that is finer than a periodontal probe.

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