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Vita ZYRCOMAT 6000 MS by VITA North America


VITA North America

The VITA ZYRCOMAT® 6000 MS is a premium, high-speed sintering furnace that provides a homogenous distribution of heat inside the sintering chamber. A fully automatic calibration offers guaranteed temperature accuracy. The gentle sintering of all conventional materials such as white and highly-translucent industrially and manually pre-colored zirconia in all operating modes provides consistent and convincing firing results. The VITA ZYRCOMAT 6000 MS provides three unique sintering modes — HighSpeed, Conventional or User Defined for convenience and flexibility. HighSpeed sintering of bridge frameworks with up to 14 units and HighSpeed sintering of fully anatomical restorations in 80 minutes is possible, increasing the daily productivity and efficiency for laboratories of any size. The intuitive VITA vPad excellence interface with 1,000 customizable programs offers “one-touch” operation for up to four firing units. An LED light bar and freely-adjustable acoustic alerts reliably provide information on firing progress even across longer distances. The optional modular system makes it easier to add cost-effective upgrades.

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