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VITA AKZENT® Plus by VITA North America


VITA North America

VITA North America's VITA AKZENT® Plus stains offer a comprehensive system of glazing and masking stains and glazing agents that offer excellent versatility in shade modification. The integrated system supports a broad range of indications, making it versatile convenient and cost-effective to use. With VITA AKZENT Plus stains, users can optimize the shade of all types of dental ceramic restorations including all-ceramic veneers, fully anatomical monolithic restorations and metal-ceramic veneers, simply, and efficiently.

These new stains provide dentists and dental technicians with freedom and versatility during processing, allowing dental ceramic materials to be easily and efficiently customized and enhanced with shade effects, regardless of the CTE of the restoration.

The new stains also support a variety of approaches to processing, and are available in three options: as a combined power/liquid, as a paste and as a spray. The new translucent glazing stains can be used for surface staining as well as for internal coloring, modifying the shade effect of the base material. The fine-grained, fluorescent masking stains offer excellent coverage and can be used for applying natural surface effects and coloring during layering. With new, naturally vivid shades, AKZENT Plus can be used for internal coloration, surface characterization or fine glazing, easily and conveniently.

Finishing Agent increases biocompatibility in the subgingival area. For ceramics with firing temperatures of up to 800 °C, VITA offers a new low-melting glazing agent, VITA AKZENT Plus Glaze LT.

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