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EndoUltra by Vista™ Dental Products


Vista™ Dental Products

Research has shown that irrigants are more effective when they are electro-mechanically activated. So with the combination of acoustic streaming and cavitation, dentists can better clean difficult surfaces and anatomy. With EndoUltra’s ultrasonic frequency, dentists can penetrate deeper into the tooth to remove irrigants and foreign tissues from the canal.

EndoUltra comes with 15/02 Activator Tips. These tips generate significant velocity to create the streaming and cavitation required for optimal cleanliness, penetration, canal sealing and vapor lock removal. This Vista product is the first (Vista product) to utilize its miniaturization of piezo energy technology.

Each of the tips feature depth markers at 18, 19, and 20 mm. With the power of ultrasonic energy, these tips can achieve high quality results while leaving tooth structure in tact. Other features include a contra angle, an LED light, a rechargeable battery and auto-clavable sleeves.

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