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Densah® Bur by Versah LLC

Densah® Bur

Versah LLC

Densah® Burs are based on a novel osteotomy preparation technique we call “osseodensification.” Unlike traditional bone drilling, osseodensification does not excavate bone tissue. Rather, bone tissue is simultaneously compacted and auto-grafted with minimal trauma as the osteotomy is rapidly formed. Densah® Burs use advanced, patent-pending technology to prepare an implant site using either a Densifying Mode or a Cutting Mode. 

The full Densah Bur Kit is the best value for your practice if you use multiple implant systems. These burs use external irrigation and are compatible with all traditionally sized implants leaving you with the flexibility to do more with less. The proprietary flute design allows the bur to work in 2 modes, listed in product highlights.

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