Inside Dentistry
April 2015
Volume 11, Issue 4

Densah™ Bur Technology

Preserve the bone and enhance the host in any ridge, in either jaw, and for any implant

Densah™ Burs are based on a novel osteotomy preparation technique, called “osseodensification.” Unlike traditional bone drilling, osseodensification does not excavate bone tissue. Rather, bone tissue is simultaneously compacted and auto-grafted with minimal trauma as the osteotomy is rapidly formed. Scientific literature has suggested that dense compacted bone tissue produces stronger purchase for dental implants, higher initial implant stability, and higher insertion torque values, and may facilitate faster healing.

Densah Burs use advanced, patent-pending technology to prepare an implant site using either a Densifying Mode or a Cutting Mode. In the Densifying Mode, the Bur is rotated in a high-speed non-cutting counterclockwise (CCW) direction (osseodensification). In the Cutting Mode, the Bur is rotated in a clockwise (CW) direction to precisely cut bone if needed. In the Densifying Mode, the Densah Bur preserves and densifies bone. This supplements the basic bone compression effect, creating a densified crust along the entire depth of the osteotomy. The result is a consistently densified osteotomy. Consistent osteotomies and densification are important to increase insertion torque and enhance implant primary stability, which may facilitate early loading.

Each Densah Bur features multiple, precision-ground flutes within a tapered geometry designed to produce a fast feed rate with minimal heat elevation. The tapered design allows the surgeon to constantly modulate pressure and regulate irrigation. The flutes are tipped with a proprietary chisel edge that concentrates thrust force while reducing tool chatter to produce smooth, real-time haptic feedback, which intuitively allows the surgeon to make adjustments to the advancing force on the fly.

A Densah Bur kit contains Densah Burs of progressively larger diameters, which are used sequentially to achieve the desired osteotomy size. Densah Burs may allow clinicians the versatility to gently autograft the maxillary sinus, densify or cut with a push of a button, or efficiently expand any ridge in either jaw, all while eliminating the guessing game of implant primary stability.


· Compaction Autografting in the Apex of the Osteotomy Facilitates Sinus Grafting

· Densifying Crust inOsseodensification Mode Due toCompaction Grafting

· Preserves and densifies bone in the Densifying Mode

· Produces stronger purchase for any implant

· Preserves the bone to enhance the host and allow for clinical versatility

· May facilitate enhanced implantstability, maxillary sinus autografting, and efficient expansion of any ridgein either jaw

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