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VALO Cordless Curing Light by Ultradent Products, Inc.

VALO Cordless Curing Light

Ultradent Products, Inc.

Ultradent’s VALO Cordless curing light maintains the powerfully efficient broadband technology offered by the award-winning VALO, and adds a battery-operated, cordless wand for mobility. VALO Cordless features custom, multi-wavelength Diodes (LEDs) to produce high intensity light at 395-480 nm, capable of polymerizing all light-cured dental materials.

This intensity can penetrate porcelain and is capable of curing underlying resin cements similar to a quality halogen light. VALO Cordless comes with VALO rechargeable batteries and a battery charger suitable for power outlets from 100 to 240 volts.

The standard lithium iron phosphate rechargeable batteries are safe, inexpensive, and optimized for power and longevity. The new handpiece is designed to rest in a standard dental unit bracket, or can be custom mounted using the bracket included in the kit. It offers consistent curing intensity and output in a durable, aerospace aluminum body with Teflon coating and a sleek, ergonomic design.

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