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ViscoStat® by Ultradent Products, Inc.


Ultradent Products, Inc.

ViscoStat hemostatic solution is a 20% ferric sulfate equivalent solution with inert binding agents in a viscous, aqueous vehicle. It has a pH of ~1 and contains patented, fumed silica to limit the acidic activity, making it kind to hard and soft tissue. Viscostat creates profound hemostasis in seconds, saving significant chair time. It is suited for a variety of dental and oral surgery procedures including fixed prosthetics, restorative-operative for retrofillings, canine impactions, gingivectomies, and as a ?fixative? for pulpotomies. ViscoStat can also be used to prevent leakage caused by sulcular fluid contamination during direct bonding procedures. Soak an Ultrapak cord in hemostatic and isolate the tissues, following with a firm air/water spray.

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