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EndoREZ® by Ultradent Products, Inc.


Ultradent Products, Inc.

The world’s first syringe-delivered, self-priming canal sealer, EndoREZ® minimizes the amount of chair time required for obturation. Because it’s hydrophilic, EndoREZ has an affinity for moisture deep in dentinal tubules and lateral canals, creating the most complete seal available. Since methacrylate-based EndoREZ relies on chemistry rather than heat or pressure to fill the canal, the risk of additional root trauma/fracture is greatly reduced. EndoREZ is versatile enough to be used as the sealer with any obturation method, e.g., master cone, lateral condensation, or warm gutta percha. EndoREZ is also biocompatible and easily retreatable. Use Ultraden’ts patented NaviTip to deliver EndoREZ into the entire anatomy of the canal in one step. Use EndoREZ Accelerator to achieve an even more rapid set.

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