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SuperCurve Non-Stick Matrices by Ultradent Products, Inc.

SuperCurve Non-Stick Matrices

Ultradent Products, Inc.

Class II restorations are easier than ever with Triodent Corporation’s new SuperCurve non-stick matrices, which are simple to work with, save time, and acheive excellent restorations. SuperCurve’s pronounced horizontal and vertical curvature allows the dentist to produce ideal anatomy with minimal finishing. SuperCurve hugs the tooth for unmatched stability, preventing any possibility of ring interference during the placement procedure. SuperCurve’s S-shaped vertical contour includes a gingival apron shaped to the commonly encountered cavity form, which prevents gaps in the gingival axial corner. It also has a rolled ridge that replicates the anatomy of the occlusal margin. Thanks to these features, very little finishing is required. Used with the V3 Ring, the micro-thin SuperCurve will give clinicians predictable, tight contacts. The color-coded, non-stick, inside surface also makes matrix removal a breeze.

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