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June 2015
Volume 36, Issue 6

Versatile V3 Sectional Matrix System Streamlines Class II Composite Restorations

Improvements in restorative products and materials continue to enhance the practice of dentistry, notes Kristin Nilsen, Global Brand Manager at Ultradent Products, Inc. “The advances in composite formulations that support improved esthetics, strength, and wear resistance have helped to revolutionize restorative dentistry,” she says.

The key to a successful composite restoration, Nilsen suggests, lies in the use of a sectional matrix system “that offers consistent tight contacts while utilizing matrix bands that provide ideal anatomy.” These matrix bands, she adds, “should duplicate the natural anatomy of the tooth through contoured shape and re-creation of the marginal ridge.”

Nilsen says that in recent years there has been a proliferation of products that seek to fill this need. “The dental marketplace has been inundated with variations of matrix bands. Dentists should make a point of choosing a matrix band that can offer anatomically accurate curvature on the horizontal plane—resulting in better contoured anatomy and less gapping in the gingival–axial corner. In addition, the band’s ease of placement and removal is essential when used for more complex resin placement cases.”

Ultradent has responded to the market need with several solutions, Nilsen says. This includes partnering with Triodent to be the exclusive distributor in the United States of its V3 matrix system and other Triodent branded products. “The V3 is a well-designed, fully integrated system where the individual components are designed to work together to achieve the best possible results,” she says. “The system offers wider indications for use so it can handle wider preparations and other, more complex restorative challenges consistently.”

The components in the Triodent™ V3 Sectional Matrix System, according to Nilsen, include the V3 Ring, the V3 Tab-Matrix, the SuperCurve Matrix, and the Wave-Wedge. “The V3 Ring, which is made of nickel-titanium and has the widest indications for use of any sectional matrix ring, produces high-quality, anatomically accurate Class II composite restorations,” she states. “This matrix ring has exceptional strength for stability and exerts optimal separation force on the teeth to produce consistently tight contacts. The V-shaped tines ensure there is no competition with the wedge in the embrasure, and they grip both teeth equally, preventing the ring from collapsing into wide cavities.”

The V3 Tab-Matrix, Nilsen explains, has a pronounced ridge on the occlusal margin, which makes it possible to produce completely natural-looking Class II composite restorations that require minimal finishing. The SuperCurve Matrix has more shape than the V3 Tab-Matrix and its non-stick coating makes removing the matrix easy and fast. It is also color-coded, making it simple to differentiate between sizes. The fourth component to the system is the Wave-Wedge, whose wave shape has the unique capability of sealing the matrix at the gingival margin while protecting the papilla.

Ultradent, Nilsen says, takes a multifaceted approach to providing clinicians information and educational materials. “Education and clinical case support are key to advancing the practice of dentistry for us. We support a number of key opinion leader courses at major dental meetings and tradeshows as well as local and regional programs,” she says. “Effective, step-by-step animations and comprehensive case study resources are all available on our frequently updated website (, as well as on Triodent’s website (”

Looking ahead at restorative dentistry, Nilsen anticipates substantial improvements in material handling, esthetics, overall strength, and ease of use among the many newly introduced products, which she believes are directly linked to improvements in the sectional matrix market. She considers the focus on providing total composite restoration solutions “the trend to watch,” and one that Ultradent will continue to emphasize.

“Technology can improve the quality and efficiency of the services delivered to dental patients,” she says, “and being a part of the advancements in dental technology is incredibly rewarding and integral to Ultradent’s philosophy as a leading dental manufacturer.”

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