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HRi by Synca



Replacing enamel for esthetic composite restorations is a most challenging task. HRi features breakthrough technology - a light refractive index (1.62) that is identical to natural enamel, with optical properties that can't be found in any other composite. The result is incredibly life-like results with invisible margins, no graying effect, and no complicated techniques. ENA HRi nano-hybrid composite produces incredibly natural looking composite restorations.

Only ENA HRi matches a natural tooth's optical properties to produce invisible restorations with invisible margins. Conceived and developed by the renowned Dr. Lorenzo Vanini, it is now used by leading clinicians world-wide and is the ultimate choice for the discriminating clinician. ENA HRi Enamel is ideal as for all restorations that require replacement of only the enamel layer of the patient's tooth structure. The ENA HRi enamel system uses a simplified value-based shading system that mimics natural enamel, which is achromatic (has no hue/colour) and varies only in value.

ENA HRi enamels, like natural enamel, also contain natural blue and amber opalescence. ENA HRi enamels will blend into existing enamel tooth structure naturally and without creating a greying at the margin. ENA HRi dentin shades are highly fluorescent and designed to work with ENA HRi enamel shades for desired results. One or two dentin shades are usually all that is needed. In nature, the dentin mass transmits its hue and chroma through an enamel mass, which completely surrounds the underlying dentin. This is exactly how a tooth is restored with ENA HRi.

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